Wednesday 28 December 2011

Thank you for the presents !

I’ve been so blessed this year again with loads of presents. Thank you to all my family and friends <3. Just showing some of them here:

photo (5)

One of my favourite presents is this instax camera bag and the cute mickey and hello kitty films! I just need to wait until I get a replacement polaroid camera ( since mine got stolen =[)

photo (6)

Panda slippers ^^ and Garnier BB cream!

photo (8) photo (10)

I tried the BB cream already, it gives quite a light coverage though and feels more like a moisturiser than the missha BB cream I normally use. I’m liking it though =]

hehehe. New panda phone cover that I LOVE! I needed a new cover too.


panda mirror key-ring ^^


Panda Tissue Box holder :3


Thank you all again. finishing off this post with a present I got for someone else ^^


Super cute huh? It’s an alpaca all the way from Japan =]

Saturday 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas ^^

It’s Christmas eve, and I’m finally off uni yayy!
So I got an a reindeer jumper =] it’s from Topshop.I love it, it’s so super comfy and soft and keeps me nice and warm! Since it’s Christmas, a reindeer jumper seems more appropriate than a Panda one XD
photo (1)
and these are some pressies i received in the post, cant wait to open these!! feeling spoilt >.<photo (4) And these are presents I got from my secret santa ^_^photo (3)
what’s better than presents is that I get to spend Christmas with my whole family this year ^^. Last year was a quiet one because of the snow getting in the way ><
So anyway, if anybody reads this i wish you a really lovely and meaningful Christmas! Xx

Saturday 17 December 2011


unfortunately my laptop got stolen just days before my graduation BUT I still have my netbook and iphone ^^.
so it’s a weird thing, I graduated but I’m still studying and wont be officially graduated and working until 2013! so here is what I wore:
my graduation hood  ^^
I didn’t get many photos of my own since everyone was taking pics for me! quickly snapped these on my phone. IMG_5736
looking really dorky here, wearing my harry potter style gown and holding my Graduation Panda and flowers =) thank you !!
^ fenny got the panda from my room and dressed him in graduation clothes !! I didn’t even notice he was gone. (since I have so many pandas in my room xD)
^___^ that’s it for now, will be back soon :)

Friday 9 December 2011

Green tea + Pandas

I got some goodies all the way from Japan ! Thank you L&C!
^Green tea Kit Kat and Giant Green Tea + Strawberry Pocky!
photo (62)
^ green tea Kitkat, Tastes wonderful ^^ If you love green tea and chocolate… it’s the best combination! And I don’t feel bad when I eat it, since green tea is good for you..
^Giant Green tea Pocky! It really is giant!! Like these more than the KitKats. The biscuit is also green tea flavoured xD
Hello kitty Panda Pen ^___^ you can’t really see but the panda is like a pearly material. It’s shiny =].
Note to self: never bring nice pens to Uni/placement because it gets so busy you’ll lose them!! reserve nice pens for use in classrooms and at home.
^ Panda sweetie basket !!!!!! Super cute. I love them all
Especially these Panda gummy sweeties hehe. Too cute to eat!!

Wednesday 30 November 2011

picture diary

Just some recent pictures from my iphone =]
@ the Christmas Market. My favourite stall. Dutch pancakes.
photo (56)
Took a little clip of how they were made ^^

Om nom. They were so yummy.
Left my mark on an ipad in a supermarket! As you can see, that’s how my hair was before. I decided I didn’t like it so light, it was too gingery and I hate seeing my roots so I decided to dye my hair dark again..
photo (50)
used this hair dye. Love it! it’s the best non-Asian brand that actually works for me and makes my hair feel really soft afterwards! It does what it says on the box. =]
photo (57)
and this is my hair now.. almost black but not quite ^^ I will probably get bored of it soon but at the moment I like having dark hair again.

This is the BB cream I’ve been trying out lately. (Elisha Coy) My mum brought it back for me from HK. I’m loving the compact powder but the cream is a little sticky in my opinion and doesn’t seem to provide much coverage.
photo (60)
And finally. finishing off this post with Tiramisu ^^
photo (59)

Saturday 19 November 2011


So today I woke up and saw the special EMA episode from MTV Korea you can briefly see us saying “BIGBANG fighting” !! Ahh. The memories. I had so much fun with you girls =]


My favourite part of the video was actually when TOP kissed Taeyang during the interview. xD


Anyway. So I’ve just been studying all week. back to reality. Took this photo when I was mega bored studying. My happy pills!


After my exam we went out for dinner to celebrate Fenny’s birthday! and this is her cake. It was so yummy! basically like a pavlova but rolled up and crammed full of strawberries and cream. I need to learn how to make this!


and then today I had sushi for lunch. nom nom nom. IMG_5505

Thursday 17 November 2011

testing the blogger app ^^

testing out the new blogger iPhone app! I'm in bed as I type this out xD. hope it works!

pics showing: my favourite sushi, my new cropped knit jumper from motelrocks, and my new panda-pandora bracelet ^_^ which was a graduation present from my parents :)

*edit. Fixed the pic sizes ^^

Thursday 10 November 2011

Meeting BIGBANG and ZICO!!!

5th November 2011: BIGBANG and Zico arrived in Belfast for the MTV EMAs and it turned my weekend upside down!
We found out BIGBANG were arriving in Belfast on the 5th November so we went to the airport.. around 20 VIPs only! it was a very small crowd and so the airport staff were nice enough to let BIGBANG walk through us =]
Since the day of the flight was one day after TOP’s birthday, I decided to buy him a gift and see if I would be lucky enough to give him it ^^.
photo (45)

My gift to TOP was a rock candy and the label says
생일 축하 합니다 “Happy Birthday”

So we all waited at the arrivals part and they walked out !!! Here’s my Fancam:
watch in Full screen !!! XD
Pic: thanks to Angel who snapped this photo of the moment of my hand, giving TOP the rock candy ^^ (with Daesung in front!)
^ LOving TOP’s jacket here !
** I ran up to him and said, ” TOP, this is for you” and he turned his head, nodded and smiled, and took the candy!!! =]**
Below: proof that TOP took my candy. !! ^_______^
so yeah. That was a very happy moment for me =]
The next day we went to Odyssey arena and met ZICO! we got interviewed by the korean tv crew and they gave me a signed Bigbang album ^_____________^ and a picture of TOP because I said he was my favourite =]
And ZICO was really cute too! you should watch this video if you don’t know who he is :)
^ Fenny April Zico and Me =]
Overall it was an amazing weekend and to top it off, BIGBANG won the EMA ^____^ we had been voting like crazy the past few weeks!
Thank you to all the VIPs who voted and sent BIGBANG to Belfast, giving us the opportunity to meet them all =] x

Saturday 29 October 2011

Panda Halloween Costume

Sorry for the lack of blog posts again! I’ve been busy with uni as usual. but I went to an early halloween party a few days ago!

So what did I dress up as? : Yep. you guessed it. a panda :P


I’ve worn my kigu for halloween many times now ! =] this time I also drew my eyes and nose with eyeliner, and put my hair into two buns for "ears”  took me about 10 minutes in total :)


lol this pic was taken after the party. so my hair is messy xD

Oh. forgot about these biscuits last time, I bought them in London. They are so yummy! you have to try =] the centre is filled with a green tea mouse ^^

photo (43)

Happy Halloween ^_~

Thursday 20 October 2011

my weekend in London =]

I brought my polaroid instax 50S with me so here are some pics! I spent most of the time eating ( as you may notice) and hardly bought anything ! =[ and what I bought were presents so I can’t post them here ><


scanned the rest:

polo1 p1

above pics taken in a karaoke room /restaurant ^^ my bro and cousins ! =]

polo2  p6

we also went to the new Westfield in stratford. Had a boost Mango crush and it was soooo good !!

Later on we went to China town


we went to have Korean food!!! 1. Yuk hoe 육회 I tried this for the first time, was nice but strange eating raw beef o.O !   2. Ddukbokkie 떡볶이 spicy rice cakes !! 3. 비빔밥 bibimbap 4. seafood pancake =] photo (42)Then went to have my favourite green tea SNOG =]


I had the Green tea Matcha bubble tea in Boba Jam ^^


strawberry glazed Krispy Kreme donuts !


ok that’s all for now, Thanks for reading =3

p.s.sorry for lack of replies to comments, I’m a very bad blogger >< I wish the blogger comment system allowed replies! but if you have any questions u can ask me on formspring or twitter and I will certainly reply =]