Thursday 17 January 2013

Goodies from Hong Kong

Haul from Hong Kong! thank you Fenny ^^
I can't wait to try the eos lipbalm. Always wanted to try it =]

The panda eye and face masks are so cute, the packaging totally sells them!!

and the étude house kit is just what I needed :)

Saturday 12 January 2013

New Mulberry Handbag and OOTD

Thanks everyone for your comments !! ^^ glad to have people welcoming me back =] i promised i will blog more from now on.

Sorry this is a late post (still catching up!) but I got this Mulberry handbag from my lovely mother! OOTD: shirt from Zara. Hello kitty frames from Hong Kong ^^

Friday 11 January 2013

Happy New Year !

Sorry about the lack of updates, but anyway!

These are my DIY BIGBANG crown frames which I made out of Fimo clay, basically just made a crown shape, and imprinted a Bigbang B onto it (by cutting out some paper in that shape) Then cook the Fimo clay, it hardens, so then you colour in the B with some black permanent marker and stick it on your frames.


SO I wore these to the HK BIGBANG alive tour date 10/12/12 in Hong Kong! It was Seungri’s Birthday and he had a panda cake!


^random sushi pic mmmmm


The one and only GD!


^ you can hardly see them but, the atmosphere was so pretty with all the crownsticks =)

wearing my glasses! and our new alive tour T shirts =)


This is the Panda (and other animals) wallet that I’m currently using =] It’s from LittleRoom in Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui Granville Street.


New Spiky shoes I got in Mong Kok Hong Kong, Argyle Centre


I also bought them in Black and I want the nude ones too!

I visited the Dogside Cafe in Causeway Bay, it’s where Dogs are welcome! they also have their own dogs who live there so even if you don’t have your own you can go and cuddle their ones! The one the right is called Creamy! She’s adorable.


Another place we went to is Etude House!!! Finally there is one in Hong Kong =] Looks just like the ones in Korea, a big pink shop in the middle of Mong Kok, you can’t really miss it.


MMMMmm it’s a Lego Cake !!


These are the new It’s Skin BB creams that I got ! They give OK coverage and are really smooth. I like the colour too (it’s better for lighter skin tones)


It’s me inside a typical asian ceramic spoon.


小龍飽 – I Love..


my first time seeing Christmas Decorations in Hk!=]



Bought this (and a whole lot of other things) from Etude House. Panda hand cream, that smells of peaches =)


Bought this neko hat from TST, Granville street. they are everywhere in HK at the moment. I love it so much <3


More later !

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