Monday 23 August 2010

Pandas Everywhere and DIY envelope purse

If you read my previous blog posts you may know that people like to send me panda things ^__^. So, the other day I received a whole package of cute stationery/fabrics with pandas all over =). If you want to send me panda stuff, you are very welcome^^
Everything here was kindly sent to me from modes4u ( thank you very much ) it’s a really cute online store, they sell a lot of cute stuff from Japan and Hong Kong, so do check it out !
These are the cutest buttons ever =), get them here
Fabric samples ^^ Scroll down to see what I made with them =)
Stickers with pandas and some cute ducks too.
DSC07319 DSC07317

Pretty looking Panda Stamp and a cute Sparkley eraser with a panda of course. . .


This is what the stamp comes out as :) it’s like a Panda Russian doll?

Cute gift wrapping tape, with a panda and some other animals xD I love this =)

Okay so, I thought I would do something with the fabric and buttons. I decided to make a pencil case/pouch thingy. This took me about 3 hours in total. It was an experiment, I didn't know exactly what I was doing but I think it turned out okay =)

The inside is lined with the other fabric, can you spot the panda?
DSC07335eIt took me a while to work out how to fasten the pouch, in the end I put an elastic string at the top. 
I actually realised at the end that it can be reversible XD So I added another button =) I can’t decide which side I like more now ><

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Super Geo Angel Violet Circle Lenses Review

These are the SUPER versions of the Geo Angel lenses, kindly sent to me by Mukuchu


The SUPER lenses have an orange lid ^


My eye with and without the lenses in . . .



Enlargement ★★★★★

These lenses make your pupils look SUPER big !

Comfort  ★★★☆☆

The SUPER Geo Angel lenses are actually the same size as the Geo Angel lenses, it’s just that the coloured part of the lens goes right to the edge. [as seen in the picture] ( Normal Geo Angel lenses have a larger rim of clear around the edge) I thought SUPERs  would be very uncomfortable with such a large lens but it actually feels the same as wearing normal sized Geo circle lenses.

Colour ★★★★☆

The colour is very vibrant and shows up very well especially in the daylight :)


Overall I do like lenses, violet/purple is a lot easier to pull off than blue. The fact that they are SUPER makes them SO big though that it might scare some people away =P. Anyway I will use these lenses for special occasions ^_^

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