Tuesday 28 December 2010

Christmas presents haul

So I got some panda related things for Christmas and also other cute stuff. I couldn’t fit everything into a blog post so here are just some. . . Thank you to friends and family who gave them to me. i am really grateful ^__^
super soft Panda pillow cushionSAM_0780e
Converts into a panda bear!
Panda bag ^__^, with a lot of goodies inside too, not shown here ><
Panda coin purse, Panda mini speakers
Rich brand- Panda hot water bottle! and a microwavable panda warmer. I will be super warm now XD
Panda nanoblocks- mini lego thing! I can’t wait to build this ^^

I hope you all had a great Christmas and Have a wonderful new year xx

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Accessorize Panda Ring

Thank you Elaine xox
Hope you are all enjoying your holidays ^^

Friday 17 December 2010

some Christmas Shopping. . .

Hey everyone, I have done most of my Christmas Shopping already! I thought I would give you a sneak peak at what I bought! These are just a few of the nicest things I bought, that I don’t really want to give away !

It’s okay, because I wont say who they are for, so any family/ friends who does see this won’t know =p


so much milk! hehe


Ice cream manicure set, and a box of notecards that look like polaroid pictures!

This is a recipe book of Macarons, with so many beautiful pictures inside and also shows how to make them! The pictures are so beautiful so I thought I would show you a sneak peak inside too ^^


Click images to enlarge


Heart shaped macaron!


they look so yummy...


yeap that’s it, so heres another cake I drew! I used chocolate icing and hand drew the brown parts,then filled in the colour with coloured chocolate and gel icing.(yeah, for those who asked, my mum makes cakes, and she let me decorate some!)


I will be back again soon ^^

Tuesday 7 December 2010

I'm going Crazy

Thanks for all the comments on the last post!=) 

So after I had my piano exam last week I finally had some time to play whatever I wanted. So i decided to learn this song by ear. It’s se7en’s i’m going crazy, if you haven’t heard it watch it here!!

So yeah, thought I would record it. it's not very good =p. If you would like to know what chords I used then just ask :)

Hmmm thats all for now, i'll be back soon ^_^

Saturday 20 November 2010

Cute Food + Deco

These used to be real macaroons. I covered them in clear nail varnish and glue. I also added Deco Whipped cream in between them. I also put in phone charm strings into the cream! SAM_0362e

so there you have it. Macaroon phone charms ^^ sweet but not bad for you xD

My First Decoden Phone cover! p.s. I’m still waiting for my white iphone 4 =p. Or I might just get a black one and use this case ^^


^all pieces apart from the panda and bow are sponsored by Glam Kira . The bow was from a broken hair clip. and Panda from a broken hair tie.

Also My mum baked this cake but I decorated  it!!  Happy Birthday Fenny!



Chocolate and Cheese Fondue party ^___^

SAM_0470e p.s. the WINNER of the Glam Kira Giveaway is: Heli

Congratulations! I have sent you an email already!

Sorry if you didn’t win but thanks to those who entered ^^

Saturday 13 November 2010

Another Panda Top

you know I LOVE PANDAs. So when I saw this top it just had to be mine. . . Thank you ASOS for fuelling my panda obsession. . .



lol it looks like one of my legs is double the size of the other but that’s the black bedpost behind my leg ><



holding back my hair so you can see the panda face =p

Panda top from ASOS- buy it here 



Polka Heart Shorts from River Island

black tights

Over the knee ribbon brown socks from Urban Outfitters





I’m having such a busy week so I’m suprised I still have time to blog ! I have birthdays to go to, cakes to make, piano to play, essays to write =_=. And Harry potter on Friday. I can’t wait :)

Also, remember to enter this mini cake giveaway ^^ Have a nice week :)

Glam Kira Shop Sweet Cake Giveaway!

I received some items from the Glam Kira Shop!! If you didn’t know, Decoden is a Japanese craze, of decorating everything with cute stuff! Glam Kira sells all sorts of decoden pieces and tools! And what’s even better is they are a UK based store :)

I am preparing to make my own Decoden phone cover with all these cute pieces! so watch this space XD


You can get the items here: blue ice cream water melon ice lolly rose heart whipped cream

And the part you’re waiting for! Glam Kira has sponsored a mini giveaway for you my lovely readers!


This sweet cake phone charm could be yours!

How to Win (open Internationally)

1. "Like" Glam Kira on Facebook (will be checked)

2. Leave a comment on this post with your

Email Address:

Giveaway Ends: 20th November 2010
Winner will be chosen by random.org.

Monday 1 November 2010

HK Haul and recent outfits :)

My mummy came back from HK and brought me back a few things ^^. This liese hairdye in 2 colours, glossy brown and milk tea brown. Has anybody used these, what colour do you recommend? I don’t know which one to go for >< as you can see in my pics. I already attempted to dye my hair before, so it’s slightly brown.


GEM tang’s maybelline bb compact :)


Panda print hoodie :)





hmm. not much to say about this outfit but I got a new camera so I have been taking LOT’s of photos lately XD.


this is an old shirt, with my new(ish) lace trimmed shorts from HK.









I also got these brown jersey trousers! they are so comfy. I almost never wear trousers so this is a special time ^^, I rarely wear brown =p

top is actually a dress from mokoya worn here.

shoes from HK









put on my panda blazer and we’re ready to go :).













So happy with my camera. I will probably do a full review of it some time. Just love that it is so bright, takes nice photos even in a dim room ^^

SAM_0181e and it also has a front screen so it’s easy to SELCA! ^_^ gotta go do some work now :)

thanks for reading :) x

Saturday 30 October 2010

Panda Hat no.4

Heheee! Fenny got me a panda cap from Shanghai ^^ without knowing it I have accumulated 4 panda hats now XD. Thank you so much :)
She also got me these cute socks and a really cute bow <3 hair clip
And pair of pig rabbits from Your beautiful ^^!!
Also thank you to XP who surprised me with a mini panda randomly =D
Have a lovely hallo-weekend ^^ p.s. stay safe!

Sunday 17 October 2010

Kigu Party at build-a-bear :)

Yesterday I went to a party at build a bear! a few of us dressed in kigus. .  haha.

This is the panda bear I chose, before he was stuffed.


Panda bear being stuffed and stitched up

DSC08340e DSC08355e 

Piplup, panda and rikku?? bear


rikku? and hello kitty. Blurry pic sorry


Domo Kun Cake that I helped to make! and a rolled up meringue cake. so so yummy. . . 


Crazy candles!! ><

DSC00286e DSC00290e

That’s all for now :D

Wednesday 13 October 2010

pretty things

Just want to say THANK YOU so much to DBLchin for swapping with me all the way from Singapore xD.

This is what she got me


cute glass nail file, japanese navy eyeliner, pretty sewing kit, majolica majorca eyes reset gel, blusher, japanese mascara, kate lipgloss, and my favourite thing which is the compact bb cream!!

Some of the things I already opened =D


this is ‘sew’ pretty ^



I Love this BB cream. It smells lovely and feels so smooth. The colour was right too =D I had never tried a compact BB cream before!



I also tried out this eyes reset gel, aka eyemake up remover. I didn’t know what it was at first xD. It just looks like vaseline when you squeeze it out but it works quite well :)




Still to try out the other items :D but thank you thank you again to clara/dblchin. I am so sorry that my package to you got delayed and I hope it arrives soon >__<

okay, now some pretty food. .

I ate this cupcake! it was my friend’s bday. So pretty. . .  it tasted as good as it looked.


and lastly this was my idea but my mummy made it. It’s a Hello Kitty cream cake. I don’t particularly like hello kitty but it’s So nice! the whiskers are made of pocky, and the furry face is made with white chocolate shavings :D.


Hoping she makes me a panda cake soon. xD hope you’re all having a lovely day/week :)