Wednesday 28 December 2011

Thank you for the presents !

I’ve been so blessed this year again with loads of presents. Thank you to all my family and friends <3. Just showing some of them here:

photo (5)

One of my favourite presents is this instax camera bag and the cute mickey and hello kitty films! I just need to wait until I get a replacement polaroid camera ( since mine got stolen =[)

photo (6)

Panda slippers ^^ and Garnier BB cream!

photo (8) photo (10)

I tried the BB cream already, it gives quite a light coverage though and feels more like a moisturiser than the missha BB cream I normally use. I’m liking it though =]

hehehe. New panda phone cover that I LOVE! I needed a new cover too.


panda mirror key-ring ^^


Panda Tissue Box holder :3


Thank you all again. finishing off this post with a present I got for someone else ^^


Super cute huh? It’s an alpaca all the way from Japan =]

Saturday 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas ^^

It’s Christmas eve, and I’m finally off uni yayy!
So I got an a reindeer jumper =] it’s from Topshop.I love it, it’s so super comfy and soft and keeps me nice and warm! Since it’s Christmas, a reindeer jumper seems more appropriate than a Panda one XD
photo (1)
and these are some pressies i received in the post, cant wait to open these!! feeling spoilt >.<photo (4) And these are presents I got from my secret santa ^_^photo (3)
what’s better than presents is that I get to spend Christmas with my whole family this year ^^. Last year was a quiet one because of the snow getting in the way ><
So anyway, if anybody reads this i wish you a really lovely and meaningful Christmas! Xx

Saturday 17 December 2011


unfortunately my laptop got stolen just days before my graduation BUT I still have my netbook and iphone ^^.
so it’s a weird thing, I graduated but I’m still studying and wont be officially graduated and working until 2013! so here is what I wore:
my graduation hood  ^^
I didn’t get many photos of my own since everyone was taking pics for me! quickly snapped these on my phone. IMG_5736
looking really dorky here, wearing my harry potter style gown and holding my Graduation Panda and flowers =) thank you !!
^ fenny got the panda from my room and dressed him in graduation clothes !! I didn’t even notice he was gone. (since I have so many pandas in my room xD)
^___^ that’s it for now, will be back soon :)

Friday 9 December 2011

Green tea + Pandas

I got some goodies all the way from Japan ! Thank you L&C!
^Green tea Kit Kat and Giant Green Tea + Strawberry Pocky!
photo (62)
^ green tea Kitkat, Tastes wonderful ^^ If you love green tea and chocolate… it’s the best combination! And I don’t feel bad when I eat it, since green tea is good for you..
^Giant Green tea Pocky! It really is giant!! Like these more than the KitKats. The biscuit is also green tea flavoured xD
Hello kitty Panda Pen ^___^ you can’t really see but the panda is like a pearly material. It’s shiny =].
Note to self: never bring nice pens to Uni/placement because it gets so busy you’ll lose them!! reserve nice pens for use in classrooms and at home.
^ Panda sweetie basket !!!!!! Super cute. I love them all
Especially these Panda gummy sweeties hehe. Too cute to eat!!