Sunday 25 September 2011

Birthday haul: part 2

got this panda plushie that I saw in London last month and didn’t buy! Thank you!
……and Super cute stationary too!!
photo (33)
photo (31)
These panda pillow covers came all the way from HK! Thank you!
a whole box of Panda cookies ^__^

My bro got me this fisheye lens I tried it out and it’s awesome
photo (32)

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Another panda b-day

Ok so I finally found some time to blog! last week was my birthday and I had a very quiet one, with a full day of Uni and just a little bday dinner.
personally designed panda card from a friend <3 thank u!
Dinner on my birthday: see the bamboo shaped glasses? xD

also had this panda ice cream Thanks !!
cute girlie got me a Panda chopsticks set! ^_____^ love these so much.
Panda snack all the way from HK and cute panda stickers ^^
and a panda long top  ! cute hehe.
And there’s a lot more than this so I will be back soon with a part 2 >.<
p.s. I love all my friends and family, who continually supply me with panda love!! whether it is my birthday or not ^‿^ xo

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Geo Tear Brown Circle lens review

Hi everyone ! Another circle lens review! These were sent to me by Mukuchu. I chose these ones because I thought the design was nice. They are supposed to give you a teary eyed effect.
Diameter:14mm Comfort ★★★★☆ (geo lens always seem to be more comfortable than EOS in my opinion)
^pictures in natural sunlight
The black ring gives a subtle enlargement
pictures with flash
loving these lenses ^^ they are special but natural looking =] can be worn for any occasion and are comfortable too.
as for the tear-ness: it doesn’t really make you look like you’re teary but it gives you a slight glint in your eyes!
p.s it’s my birthday and I just opened my first present! I love it so much XD but will have to blog it later ^^ x

Sunday 11 September 2011

L o v e

changed my iphone cover: Love polka dots!
photo (29)
pic of W’s Dog, BEAST. so adorable.
photo (28)
And a Belgian waffle I had with honey bear ice cream and strawberries. . .
photo (30)

Sunday 4 September 2011

September: updates

1. You may have noticed (or not?) that I changed my blog header and colour scheme =]. Do you like it?
What it used to be:
I’m happy with my new header since it’s my own design ^_^
2. Okay so just a few things I got from London over a week ago. Panda notepad and panda socks =] from Artbox, Selfridges

I had frozen yoghurt twice this week! I’m pretty sure all these froyo shops never existed a few years ago?
photo (1)