Sunday 30 January 2011

DIY Usagi Headbands + Giveaway [CLOSED]**


Hello ^^. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and since then my mind has been going wild with all the ideas of things to make! Too bad I don’t have too much spare time ><.
But these were simple and easy to make, each took about 10 minutes once I figured out how to make them. ( I’ve made a whole batch of them now!) Basically I used (new) garden wire for the inside, and the rest is kind of self explanatory if you know how to sew, right?
I made a longer and a shorter version. The Longer one can be made into a heart, or whatever shape you can think of =]
Shorter ones, to be worn as a bow or rabbit ears, whatever you think they look like.
Perfect for Chinese New Year of the Bunny and for upcoming Valentines day ^___^
Oh.XP (the bf) bought me these. They are the limited edition Hello Panda biscuits for the Asian cup ! I think I will keep them forever.
Ok now for the Giveaway part! I decided to give away one of the strawberry ones
Rules: Open Internationally + Followers only
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your email address!
**Ends 5th Feb 2011**

Monday 24 January 2011

Yesstyle Magic Haul

I bought a haul from Yesstyle recently, but unfortunately a lot of my items got cancelled due to out of stock items =( but I still got my free delivery ^^. So this is all I got in the end. I got 2 stripy tops, a skirt,tee/dress and a magic sponge*
I wore the long tee today. LOVE
I look tired =_= and lashless! I’m on a mascara fast hehe ^^ hope it makes them grow longer =]
I also wanted to show you that cute sponge thing ^

Price: $14
“Magic Painless hair removal sponge"

Use on Dry skin. Rub the Blue side of the sponge in circular motions on your skin. use the other side for conditioning the skin afterwards.
I tried this myself on my legs and it worked! There was no pain involved at all.My skin felt smoother afterwards as it seemed to exfoliate my skin.I normally use hair removal creams so compared to those this sponge was a lot faster at removing hair.It also didn’t make my hair grow back thicker like shaving would do. What’s more it’s washable and you can reuse it again and again.
Overall a good price for a useful product ^_^
Have a good week X

Tuesday 18 January 2011


Top from Newlook. Shorts from Hong Kong. Tights by Pamela Mann.
Love peter pan collars ^_^
I noticed that I like to dress in black and white/ or black and cream.
Loving the bows ^^

Saturday 8 January 2011

so cute I want to cry

Hello readers, Wow. I have 820 gfc followers >< didn’t think I would ever get this far, with my silly panda blog =O. Thank you ^^
The cutest thing is when the speaker is on his nose goes red. OH and when you stroke his ears, that controls the volume ^^ I LOVE HIM SO MUCH
Panda has eyes too! can you see them?