Sunday 27 July 2014

Panda: Pork Chop Bun and Donuts

This blog post is part 1 of 3 on the Tokyo Ueno Station
So, when you first walk out of the train station you will find arrows pointing to  ‘Ecute’ store. Follow them. You will get to a mini department store full of nice food, here are some of the panda themed items! 
The Panda katsu pork and egg sandwich. This is honestly my most favourite thing I ate in Tokyo, I dream about the next time I can eat it again!
2014-01-26 23.48.09

The egg is perfectly cooked, oozing out. Eat it whilst it is still warm! I ate this then I bought another one to eat, whilst walking around…
In the same food store there are PANDA DONUTS!!! They are a brand called “Siretoco” and they make Panda Donuts. Look at this cuteness. They taste really good too. There is no filling, it’s not your average donut. It is not deep fried, tastes more like a circular cake but still very nice and moist ^^

They also sell mini versions ^_^
keep walking around ecute store and you’ll find a lot of other cute food, too much to try them all in one visit!


Find it here:
Ecute, 3F ,JR Ueno Station, 7-1-1 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Aranzi Cafe in Taipei

Another Panda Cafe ticked off my list! This one is in Taipei, Taiwan. This is actually a branch of cafes from the brand Aranzi – originated from Japan, but some how it is all over Taipei and there are many branches, whereas I never noticed it whilst in Tokyo.
Pictures are all you need
2012-10-30 04.03.262012-10-30 04.04.091376624_10153378335795285_2124577263_n
All those pandas! This branch is actually the cafe with the most panda theme, There are other characters by Aranzi as you may notice =]

You can also buy their products whilst you wait
I had the panda latte and the panda cinnamon peaches pancake with ice cream.MMMMM!
There are many branches of this Cafe in Taiwan, you can find them here. Must visit if you’re in Taipei ^_^ I love this place, not only for the panda theme, but the food is also good! They have savoury as well as sweet, I was just too full to eat any more! p.s. Food in Taipei is relatively cheap compared to HK/UK so don’t worry about the price ^^

Saturday 5 July 2014

Panda café Tokyo (Asagaya)

This panda café is the cutest!! It is situated at Tokyo Mtr station: Asagaya - about 3 minutes walk from the exit. not sure which one but it was not hard to find. It is a small cafe which is situated in a quiet area of Tokyo so I guess that not many people have visited it or know about it.
Outside looks like this:
It is owned by a family who must share a love for pandas!
OK so, they don't speak any English, and the menu does not have pictures, it is just in Japanese. But some how we managed to order food using adapted English. For example:
"Pan Dah Omu Ricuu" = Omurice, with a panda face on top.
This was really nice and creamy, with the tomato flavoured rice inside, also very filling, we shared it between 2 of us for a light lunch.
panda coffee
we ordered "Panda Icu Creamu "  and got Ice cream with panda cookies.
the bill which we could not read. But it cost only 1800 yen which is around 18 USD. Worth all the money for the panda theme, the good home made food, and wonderful service.
they also have a crazy amount of cute panda things for sale, so you can shop whilst you enjoy your coffee.
I left with a bag full of panda cuteness!