Saturday 29 October 2011

Panda Halloween Costume

Sorry for the lack of blog posts again! I’ve been busy with uni as usual. but I went to an early halloween party a few days ago!

So what did I dress up as? : Yep. you guessed it. a panda :P


I’ve worn my kigu for halloween many times now ! =] this time I also drew my eyes and nose with eyeliner, and put my hair into two buns for "ears”  took me about 10 minutes in total :)


lol this pic was taken after the party. so my hair is messy xD

Oh. forgot about these biscuits last time, I bought them in London. They are so yummy! you have to try =] the centre is filled with a green tea mouse ^^

photo (43)

Happy Halloween ^_~

Thursday 20 October 2011

my weekend in London =]

I brought my polaroid instax 50S with me so here are some pics! I spent most of the time eating ( as you may notice) and hardly bought anything ! =[ and what I bought were presents so I can’t post them here ><


scanned the rest:

polo1 p1

above pics taken in a karaoke room /restaurant ^^ my bro and cousins ! =]

polo2  p6

we also went to the new Westfield in stratford. Had a boost Mango crush and it was soooo good !!

Later on we went to China town


we went to have Korean food!!! 1. Yuk hoe 육회 I tried this for the first time, was nice but strange eating raw beef o.O !   2. Ddukbokkie 떡볶이 spicy rice cakes !! 3. 비빔밥 bibimbap 4. seafood pancake =] photo (42)Then went to have my favourite green tea SNOG =]


I had the Green tea Matcha bubble tea in Boba Jam ^^


strawberry glazed Krispy Kreme donuts !


ok that’s all for now, Thanks for reading =3

p.s.sorry for lack of replies to comments, I’m a very bad blogger >< I wish the blogger comment system allowed replies! but if you have any questions u can ask me on formspring or twitter and I will certainly reply =]

Sunday 9 October 2011

new camera, new phone, new lenses

New camera.
watching my first polaroid picture develop! I was so excited I just grabbed my closest panda and took a ‘selca’ =p
photo (38)
Love it ! Will take more when I go to London again next week!!
3. Long overdue circle lens review ! These are everyday Hana lenses (30 day use) and were sponsored by PinkyParadise. They came with a free piggy lens case and hair velcro =]
p.s. if you use code “epued” you can also get a free mystery gift and animal lens case!
comfort ★★★★★ ! These are super comfortable and I have been wearing them quite often =] They are a good everyday lens and have a nice brown tint and gives a shiny effect.
my everyday makeup.
^natural daylight
^with flash. Overall I just LOVE these lenses. I think they match my hair colour. Too bad that they expire in a month, I really need another set for next month! 
4. I decorated a cake this week! I haven’t done one in a long time. Do you like it?

Saturday 1 October 2011

panda bento box

random blog post : It’s a Panda bento box! bought in Hong Kong, (TST, Harbour city)


full set opens out like this:


This box reminds me of how I wandered to alone to get it on my last day of Hong Kong and got lost along the way back! It was worth it though =] I will hopefully get using it soon! need to learn to make a nicely decorated bento lunch!

This is a panda bag that’s made out of bamboo! got it last week at a Uni fair =]


mmmm and these are macarons all the way from Ladurée, Paris!! Thanks L and C!  They are the nicest macarons I’ve ever had ! o.O soo yummy. (especially the cream inside. . . .)



a quick update: I dropped my beloved iphone4 into the toilet so and now it won’t turn on =[. now I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms! mainly missing whatsapp, the camera, and photography apps >_<

I also lost photos which I was supposed to blog (hence why this post is random) for my birthday haul part 3 and the fish eye camera lens review, so they will just have to wait.

hope everyone has a better week than I did !