Wednesday 30 November 2011

picture diary

Just some recent pictures from my iphone =]
@ the Christmas Market. My favourite stall. Dutch pancakes.
photo (56)
Took a little clip of how they were made ^^

Om nom. They were so yummy.
Left my mark on an ipad in a supermarket! As you can see, that’s how my hair was before. I decided I didn’t like it so light, it was too gingery and I hate seeing my roots so I decided to dye my hair dark again..
photo (50)
used this hair dye. Love it! it’s the best non-Asian brand that actually works for me and makes my hair feel really soft afterwards! It does what it says on the box. =]
photo (57)
and this is my hair now.. almost black but not quite ^^ I will probably get bored of it soon but at the moment I like having dark hair again.

This is the BB cream I’ve been trying out lately. (Elisha Coy) My mum brought it back for me from HK. I’m loving the compact powder but the cream is a little sticky in my opinion and doesn’t seem to provide much coverage.
photo (60)
And finally. finishing off this post with Tiramisu ^^
photo (59)


  1. ooo never heard dutch pancakes! it look so delicious! T_T

  2. I love your blog!!

  3. Those pancakes look so good!
    Cute post:)

  4. those pancakes look really good.. XD I must stop looking at food induced posts!

  5. oh damn those pancakes look soooo yummy!!! i love street food like that XD love your new hair color!!

  6. Pancakes and tiramisu looks really good ^^
    And that hair color really suits you :)
    wish you nice day ^^

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  8. Tiramisu looks really good. I love your blog ^_^

  9. Planning to dye my hair dark again too :) Tired of seeing my roots and the yellow-y brown colour of my hair. Tiramisu, yummy desert :)

  10. yummi yummi the cakes.. nice picts!

  11. these dutch pancakes look tasty:)

  12. it looks like the food market from waterloo?

  13. Love dutch pancakes and love Xmas markets! I've been to 2 this yr and hope to go to more hehe

  14. The pictures are awesome!! :)

  15. The Christmas market looks so incredibly darling! I am so envious! <3

    Lost in the Haze


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