Sunday 26 September 2010

EOS GREEN circle lens review

Hello lovelies! Yet another circle lens review. This pair were sent to me by Mukuchu. I have never tried green lenses before so I thought I would try them even though I had a feeling they wouldn’t suit me.. . .
So let’s go! you have been warned:I look evil (o.O)

Diameter 14.5
Comfort ★★★☆☆

green with a thick black circle
Flash photos

Without flash, indoors
close up in day light
Green eyes, red lips. perfect for Christmas?
DSC08152e by the way I tied my hair in a bun it has not been cut short XD
What do you think? I don’t think i suit green =( but i do love the colour =)

Thursday 23 September 2010

Recent outfit

I went to a wedding last week, it was beautiful. My outfit was very last minute as I had only just got off a plane that morning ><. so I did nothing with my hair :( This is me and ling. taken by her camera. She is so beautiful ^3^

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Panda Birthday =)

Hello everyone. I just wanted to say thank you for the bday messages =) you are all so lovely ^^

Well, I didn’t do much for my birthday this year. I’m getting to the point where I don’t like celebrating my birthday anymore! Anyway, I got a lot of gifts from my friends and family, and I’m so thankful for them ^^. I will just show you the PANDA things I received.


As I am a fan of pandas, 2 friends got me exactly the same present and card by accident =p!


Panda birthday cake made by Ling. Thank you so much =) It tasted wonderful too ^^



my favourite card, It says.. "Miso happy it’s your birthday!" made me laugh. I love pandas AND i love sushi!





scary panda and cute panda cards










Beautiful panda make up bag, lined with polka dots


Cute panda face, but what does it do?


It turns inside out into a big bag!! perfect for going shopping =)





Cutie panda phone charms !!








Panda USB stick ! SO cute. I got 2 of these xD


And last but not least, My favourite one. . . Panda phone holder.



Love him ^

Thank you everyone =) <3

*update* I also received these in the post today! thankyou Kiki =)


Monday 13 September 2010

Super Nudy Blue Circle Lens review ^^

Another review! But first, I also got this super cute and pretty hello kitty contact lens case ^^. Thank you Mukuchu =3
P1060740 There is a mirror inside !!P1060741
The actual case comes out too ^^P1060743
Super Nudy Blue circle lenses
Diameter = 14.8mm
Comfort= ★★★★☆
Pictures with flash
I wore white eyeliner with these lenses to bring out that deep blue colour ^^
pictures without flash, in daylight  DSC07834e
These are almost turquoise-y, I love the colour =)
( because these are SUPERsized, the parts where it’s covering the white of my eye, appears to be brighter in colour, and I like this effect! it’s like a teary eye!!)

p.s guess what =( after I did this review, I ripped one of the lenses by accident !!! heartbroken </3