Tuesday 27 April 2010

Panda panda :)

2 Gifts from Hong Kong.

This is the first Marc Jacobs thing that i own ! Thank you v much ( if you ever read this =p)



I only started using this watch last week, it’s been sitting in the box since my birthday ^^. I love love love it. even though it’s a sad panda =3 . It’s so handy because we’re not allowed to wear wristwatches in hospital !


Also this panda flannel. I decided to start using this today! It is so precious to me but what good is it if it’s kept inside my drawer full of things-that-I-love-but-can’t-bear-to-use?


It makes me happy when i wash my face :D and speaking of my face. Finally the break out has cleared up. My face felt like sandpaper for 2 days! >< now it is back to smooth :) :)

p.s. Is anybody going to Hong Kong this summer ? I can’t wait to go shopping xD