Thursday 7 June 2012

New Panda Top +

hi guys! I found my camera so I thought I would blog. I have seen a lot of panda tops and panda inspired clothing but it’s hard to wear a panda top without looking too childish! So I was really happy when I found this top =]
bought this panda print vest from ASOS! it’s on sale too!
website photos:
actual item: close up: Panda print !!
^ picture with flash – pinky coral colour
That’s the colour it looks in real life, but for some reason when I don’t use flash, my camera makes it look more yellow! (I need a new one..) but you get the idea.
photo (66)
love’s nice and light, will be wearing it in summer yay !
hmm now just some random recent pics:-
panda goodies from HK ^^ ty L&C. I can’t wait to eat the panda biscuit thing, but also don’t want to eat it >_<
the weather was super hot here just last week. I miss it. Hope it comes back soon. BBQ everyday!

my mum’s mango cake ^^
and I decorated this cake!! =] can you guess who it is? ^^
Thanks for visiting :)