Saturday 20 November 2010

Cute Food + Deco

These used to be real macaroons. I covered them in clear nail varnish and glue. I also added Deco Whipped cream in between them. I also put in phone charm strings into the cream! SAM_0362e

so there you have it. Macaroon phone charms ^^ sweet but not bad for you xD

My First Decoden Phone cover! p.s. I’m still waiting for my white iphone 4 =p. Or I might just get a black one and use this case ^^


^all pieces apart from the panda and bow are sponsored by Glam Kira . The bow was from a broken hair clip. and Panda from a broken hair tie.

Also My mum baked this cake but I decorated  it!!  Happy Birthday Fenny!



Chocolate and Cheese Fondue party ^___^

SAM_0470e p.s. the WINNER of the Glam Kira Giveaway is: Heli

Congratulations! I have sent you an email already!

Sorry if you didn’t win but thanks to those who entered ^^

Saturday 13 November 2010

Another Panda Top

you know I LOVE PANDAs. So when I saw this top it just had to be mine. . . Thank you ASOS for fuelling my panda obsession. . .



lol it looks like one of my legs is double the size of the other but that’s the black bedpost behind my leg ><



holding back my hair so you can see the panda face =p

Panda top from ASOS- buy it here 



Polka Heart Shorts from River Island

black tights

Over the knee ribbon brown socks from Urban Outfitters





I’m having such a busy week so I’m suprised I still have time to blog ! I have birthdays to go to, cakes to make, piano to play, essays to write =_=. And Harry potter on Friday. I can’t wait :)

Also, remember to enter this mini cake giveaway ^^ Have a nice week :)

Glam Kira Shop Sweet Cake Giveaway!

I received some items from the Glam Kira Shop!! If you didn’t know, Decoden is a Japanese craze, of decorating everything with cute stuff! Glam Kira sells all sorts of decoden pieces and tools! And what’s even better is they are a UK based store :)

I am preparing to make my own Decoden phone cover with all these cute pieces! so watch this space XD


You can get the items here: blue ice cream water melon ice lolly rose heart whipped cream

And the part you’re waiting for! Glam Kira has sponsored a mini giveaway for you my lovely readers!


This sweet cake phone charm could be yours!

How to Win (open Internationally)

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Giveaway Ends: 20th November 2010
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Monday 1 November 2010

HK Haul and recent outfits :)

My mummy came back from HK and brought me back a few things ^^. This liese hairdye in 2 colours, glossy brown and milk tea brown. Has anybody used these, what colour do you recommend? I don’t know which one to go for >< as you can see in my pics. I already attempted to dye my hair before, so it’s slightly brown.


GEM tang’s maybelline bb compact :)


Panda print hoodie :)





hmm. not much to say about this outfit but I got a new camera so I have been taking LOT’s of photos lately XD.


this is an old shirt, with my new(ish) lace trimmed shorts from HK.









I also got these brown jersey trousers! they are so comfy. I almost never wear trousers so this is a special time ^^, I rarely wear brown =p

top is actually a dress from mokoya worn here.

shoes from HK









put on my panda blazer and we’re ready to go :).













So happy with my camera. I will probably do a full review of it some time. Just love that it is so bright, takes nice photos even in a dim room ^^

SAM_0181e and it also has a front screen so it’s easy to SELCA! ^_^ gotta go do some work now :)

thanks for reading :) x