Monday 12 March 2012

March:recent purchases and outfits

hi anyone who is still here?.I thought I would blog today since I have some free time, yay!!!
We went shopping on Fri for a formal dress and then went to a formal on Sat! It was really lucky that we both got the dresses that we wanted without much fuss. Thanks Fenny for helping me !
Fenny’s dress from ZARA. My dress is from Topshop!
hmm you can’t really see but the building was very pretty inside and out.
^closer up pic of dresses and fenny’s ombre hair!
group pic from the formal ! ( stolen pic from C, hope you don’t mind! don’t think you will ever see this anyway heh heh) Anyway u can see the flowy back part of my dress here. I felt like I was wearing a cape, like some sort of superhero xD

So I joined Instagram and it makes me too lazy to blog!! I post random pics there before I blog them here so if you want,u can follow me here, or @epued ^^
Some pics stolen from my instagram.
I also post a lot of food pics there..
photo (3)

Korean food for lunch. mmmm.
ok that’s it for now =] be back soon i hope..