Thursday 17 November 2011

testing the blogger app ^^

testing out the new blogger iPhone app! I'm in bed as I type this out xD. hope it works!

pics showing: my favourite sushi, my new cropped knit jumper from motelrocks, and my new panda-pandora bracelet ^_^ which was a graduation present from my parents :)

*edit. Fixed the pic sizes ^^


  1. yes it works ;D haha n.n have a nice day n.n

  2. ooOH nice! how do u like blogging from the phone? Seems a lil difficult because the screen is so small. hehe.

  3. it works ;) i love sushi!!!!!!!!! <3 as really many people in the world..and your bracelet is really sweet!!

  4. SALMON SUSHI. OMG YOU'RE MY IDOL XD - So hard to find ppl that like Salmon sushi T.T

    Ahh love your top & your stockings.. you have such awesome stockings~ ^^

    Congrats on your graduation! :D WOOP WOOP PARTY PARTY PARTY XD

  5. LOVE that bracelet! Pandas<3 ^^

  6. How cute ;_;


every comment makes me smile ^^