Tuesday 24 May 2011

A lot of sweet things

Hello, Haven’t been blogging for a while because of Uni work  =[ but once I get my dissertation handed in I will be free, then I’m hopefully going to Hong Kong for summer! Will anybody be there in July?!

Anyway so I will just put up some more random recent photos, mainly of food, because I love food! and I’m sure you can spot a panda somewhere.


Starbucks caramel Frappuchino with extra cream!!

So I went to have more frozen yoghurt the other day, but they didn’t have green tea flavour =[


it was nice but it wasn’t as good as the SNOG i had in London mmm230358_10150185782649792_505449791_6449585_6017034_ne

my cousin at the back has a massive cookie as his topping!! I want some more ><

My beautiful cousins and me


We ate so much when we were together! I baked some chocolate brownies, modelled here by my cousin Rachel.  I hope she starts blogging again soon!!IMG_3623e

And my latest cake art:- Guess who again! haha.


By the way, so many people ask me for tutorials for these, but all I can say is it’s very difficult! It’s drawn using chocolate icing in a tube, then filling in the colour using shaved coloured chocolate, but it’s really hard to not get the shavings outside the line! I actually really enjoy making these because it’s therapeutic in some way. . . like colouring in when I was little, trying to stay inside the line.

It was for my niece (cousin’s daughter) or second cousin? Well anyway, Happy Birthday Amy! I wasn’t very happy with it in the end I think I messed up the blue one! ( bum bum baa or gee gee ja?)


Thanks for reading ^^

Friday 13 May 2011

I’ll take you to the panda shop

**** Note this panda shop has since moved to a Bigger store in the same complex *****
I visited this panda shop in London Trocadero called Ho! Panda. This is my very shakey video as I was walking in. . .

me inside! ^
pandas pandas everywhere. . .
cute panda keyrings!
I wanted this big panda mat!
Panda tees in the corner,.
panda sharpener
lol this is my cousin’s bf with the panda head on. . .
And this is my mini haul! I wish I could have bought more and some big stuff too but I had to fly back home and my bag was full already =(
the left is a panda key holder thing! top is a sticker that I will put onto my netbook, middle is a panda bracelet!! The right is my new phone case! the Decoden one I made before was getting damaged because I dropped it many times! but my phone is still unscratched =]
panda cover with my iphone ^^

Tuesday 10 May 2011

my trip to London

This is a summary of my little trip to London. There’s more but I will post it later on =]


My cousins took me to this place called SNOG, which sells frozen yoghurt.



Green tea frozen yoghurt with strawberries, blackberries and Mochi!! it was so yummy =] and good for you ^^


This is me on the tube looking very happy =p.


Some shop in China town: giant hello pandas!


We went to eat Korean food, because I haven’t eaten Korean food since I was a little girl on holiday in Korea! Bibimbap before it was mixed.


Seafood pancake and Bulgogi, we also had rice cakes which were so yummy but I didn’t get a picture ><


bubble tea.  <3


Visited this other store in China town which has loads of stuff from Asia, I felt like I was in Kong Kong again


love these phone covers!


Dolly winks!


bubble hair dye, and there’s one in an ice cream cone which looks super cute!


Has anyone tried this brand before?


Outside of London, we went to this waffle house, which specialises in waffles. .

I had a prawn avocado waffle


and banana waffle for dessert =)


So much food right?


I also took home a dozen krispy kreme donuts. . .nom

p.s. I visited a very special store which deserves it’s very own blog post, So it will be up later =]

Thursday 5 May 2011

Short blog post!

I made this cake for a friend’s birthday,
do you know who it is? ^^