Thursday 23 February 2012

First Gmarket Purchase!

I bought this wallet from Gmarket since my panda wallet got stolen =[ I actually bought it by accident, added it to my basket, then clicked pay via paypal, hoping to check the total price but then it ended up paying before I found out! (so be careful!)
Stock photos:
I chose the navy/pink one =] It came exactly as seen in the photos!
little gold crown.
coin part at the back
Inside: loads of card slots and a photo card slot! Notes go in the two slots in the middle.
I always have the problem of too many cards. So it’s really great for me, I even have room to spare at the moment!
photo (20)
only not-so-practical thing about this wallet is that the coin part is quite narrow so it’s hard to see what coins you have.( although you can actually fit a lot of coins in there!)
It costed me approx £27 incl. shipping to UK and it originally was supposed to arrive in 5 days but it not got delayed by UK customs. ( something which is really rare especially if you’re only buying one thing!!)
I Hope that helps! now just some random things..
photo (21)
photo (22)
^ went to eat HOTPOT that day with the girls and ate SO MUCH I couldn’t sleep at the end of the night.
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photo (1)