Friday 22 July 2011

Hong Kong is panda heaven

hello! I finally found some time to relax and blog. I bought 3 phone covers all at once! They were so cute I couldn’t decide which one so I got them all! They cost 100 HKD altogether (from argyle centre in Mong kok)
Also got these iphone/ipad stickers
But I only wanted the panda one really :PSAM_2722  
^ panda-fied iphone4!
(yes this blog post is random). these are shoes I bought the other day, thought they were cute with fake shoelaces =] they are a bit like Toms, except not Toms :p
and here’s some food !! I love all food here especially these roast goose noodles, with an iced Horlicks drink! so yummy =]IMG_4459

Sunday 17 July 2011

Hello Kitty Flowers

hello, I’ve been so busy with family and friends that I haven’t even taken many photos! it’s taking it’s toll on me because now I’m slightly ill with a cold, due to lack of sleep and super cold air con!=_= Anyway, it was my mum’s birthday and we bought her these flowers. so cute.


Also ordered a haagen dazs ice cream cake! cost around $350 HKD ! it was mango flavour and so yummy! there wasn’t even any cake though, it’s full ice cream ^___^


mmmm and I’ve been eating sushi a lot again.


and congee for breakfast.


So here’s more pandas I spotted whilst out shopping! I have a radar for pandas !! These are from Nico!SAM_2663

hmmm more panda socks I got xD


etude house hand creams !


Panda yoghurt drink, from panda Tea ^^


cute little shop in Sha Tin.


Panda birthday rabbits!


And more panda stuff. I think I might end up buying everything here! I already have 2 of the plushies =]


okay that’s it for now, I’m too tired =__=!

Monday 11 July 2011

Food and shopping in Hong Kong

hello! I made it to Hong Kong =D

So one of the first things I bought were goodies from Sasa. SPF 65 and SPF 130 suncream- an essential for me to prevent getting a tan whilst I’m here and also to protect my skin!


^ on the left is something I picked up by majolica majorca (sp?) and it’s called aurora tear liner. It’s supposed to go on your eyelashes and look like a tear, to give the effect that you’ve been crying.! lol not sure why I would like to look like I’ve been crying but. for some reason I just wanted to try this out! Will review it another time.

^ i bought the fairydrops mascara for going to the beach/ swimming in! because apparently it’s super waterproof =] and I tried it out, it really is waterproof. Plus it has fibres too like fiberwig and the way the brush is shaped it makes your lashes curl =] I actually really like this mascara.

my first and favourite dinner in HK ^_^ sushi!! and it’s so cheap here too compared to UK


yummy curry fish balls.


I also bought missha bb cream and some eyemakeup remover from skinfood.I really needed this as the Fairydrops mascara was so stubborn it didn’t come off with normal facial cleansers! IMG_4411e

And in HK there really are panda things everywhere you look! I bought these 2 pairs of socks:


Saw a whole shop full of panda stuffs ^^

IMG_4479erandom ducks lol. spot the panda!IMG_4499e

oh and this is my favourite buy so far. it was only 129HKD which is like, £10 !! who needs an expensive designer wallet when you can have a cute panda one with polka dot lining ? =]


and lastly for now, I saw this when I was out shopping! anybody recognise this face?! XD


That’s all for now, will be back soon =]

Sunday 3 July 2011

Coral outfit + DIY lace trim undershorts

I bought these shorts at TOPSHOP last week with my striped ones. ( I have so many pairs of shorts but i justify that by wearing them all year around !)
So i really liked this pale red/coral colour. They were super comfy as the material stretches ^^. SAM_2579e
I wanted to put some lace trimming on these shorts because they look really short on me.
But I didn’t want to accidentally ruin a brand new pair of shorts so instead I decided to make lace trim undershorts that I could wear under anything ^^ (similar to the ones in this post but they were too tight and too thick/warm to wear underneath in the HK summer)
So here is my mini tutorial:
photo (22)e
photo (23)e
tip: measure the trimming around your legs first! or else get elasticated lace trimming. my tights were patterned but any tights/stockings will do.
^ they add a little something to plain shorts =]
^ my face looks funny here o.O
It just so happened this stripy top was an exact colour match to my shorts =]. The over knee socks are actually cut off from the original tights so no material was wasted = double DIY ^_^
p.p.s. I am going to Hong Kong in 3 days !
can’t wait =)