Wednesday 28 December 2011

Thank you for the presents !

I’ve been so blessed this year again with loads of presents. Thank you to all my family and friends <3. Just showing some of them here:

photo (5)

One of my favourite presents is this instax camera bag and the cute mickey and hello kitty films! I just need to wait until I get a replacement polaroid camera ( since mine got stolen =[)

photo (6)

Panda slippers ^^ and Garnier BB cream!

photo (8) photo (10)

I tried the BB cream already, it gives quite a light coverage though and feels more like a moisturiser than the missha BB cream I normally use. I’m liking it though =]

hehehe. New panda phone cover that I LOVE! I needed a new cover too.


panda mirror key-ring ^^


Panda Tissue Box holder :3


Thank you all again. finishing off this post with a present I got for someone else ^^


Super cute huh? It’s an alpaca all the way from Japan =]


  1. :O i loved the new panda cover.. its so cute ^o^

  2. AWHHHHHHHH ! Panda cover!!!! That is so adorablle! Love all the hello kitty films D: & the panda mirror!

  3. Pandas galore! I love the cover. It's just too cute to be true! I also adore those earmuffs ^_^

  4. aww panda panda panda everywere <3 love it n.n I hope you had a lot of fun in this X-maas n.n

  5. Omg, so cute!! such great presents ^^ I hope you can get a new polaroid soon!! :D

  6. Oh my gosh all of it is soooo cute!! Sorry for the loss of your polaroid :( Can you do a review of that camera when you get another one? I recently ordered the Diana F+ with Christmas money :) I love the HK film^^

  7. yay, lot of lovely presents, everything is soo cute, love it <3 ^^

  8. Lucky lucky.. soo many cute presents hehe..
    Hmm were you able to get your camera back?

  9. Awesome presents tehe!
    The amount of panda related things that you friends and family find is amazinggg! And hehe, every time I see something panda related - I think of you instantly xD !

  10. lol the alpaca is so cute. I love the panda phone cover too! Hope you have Happy New Years!


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