Thursday 20 October 2011

my weekend in London =]

I brought my polaroid instax 50S with me so here are some pics! I spent most of the time eating ( as you may notice) and hardly bought anything ! =[ and what I bought were presents so I can’t post them here ><


scanned the rest:

polo1 p1

above pics taken in a karaoke room /restaurant ^^ my bro and cousins ! =]

polo2  p6

we also went to the new Westfield in stratford. Had a boost Mango crush and it was soooo good !!

Later on we went to China town


we went to have Korean food!!! 1. Yuk hoe 육회 I tried this for the first time, was nice but strange eating raw beef o.O !   2. Ddukbokkie 떡볶이 spicy rice cakes !! 3. 비빔밥 bibimbap 4. seafood pancake =] photo (42)Then went to have my favourite green tea SNOG =]


I had the Green tea Matcha bubble tea in Boba Jam ^^


strawberry glazed Krispy Kreme donuts !


ok that’s all for now, Thanks for reading =3

p.s.sorry for lack of replies to comments, I’m a very bad blogger >< I wish the blogger comment system allowed replies! but if you have any questions u can ask me on formspring or twitter and I will certainly reply =]


  1. Uwah, the food/drinks look good D: but omg..raw beef...~
    Love the photos you took with your polaroid cam ♥

  2. SNOOOG. ♥ It's so darn good. I still want to try their "massive" size with my friends. LOL Oh London, why is your food so good? :c

    ★ Cookiie

  3. loving the pictures :D !!! gosh the food is looking good.. i didn't know where to eat while i was in london

  4. awweee a polaroid! the pics are soo captivating and you look pretty too <33 now I want to buy polaroid instax 50S >.<

  5. the polaroids are so cute!!! and omggg so many awesome food pics!!! i love korean food so much XD

  6. good food!
    you look beautiful in the picture! i want polaroid =.=!!

  7. FOOD PORN *__________________*; and omg I love your 'panic'-face in the pics. You're so damn cute!

  8. Dooonuuuuuuuts~! Yummy :3
    Your polaroid camera makes really great pictures XD

  9. oOoh i love polaroid cameras, I have the FUJI instax one! for some reason i really like that sound of the film coming out after taking a pix. LOL the pix u took has pretty vivid colors ^_^

  10. oh very nice photos and those donuts look sooo Yummy:9 x

  11. you guys seems to have a lot of fun and the food look yummy:)

  12. i want a polaroid cam!
    gorgeous photos :)
    seems like u had fun even though not much shopping hehe..
    i´m going to London with my class in Feb. i´m looking forward to it :)

  13. London!! All that food looks so yummy!
    Very nice pics, i want a polaroid too ;_;

    Bunny kisses (' x ')<3

  14. Looks like you had a great trip! The food all looks very yummy - except maybe the raw beef dish...that sounds kinda gross haha

  15. nice pics ! Korean food, yum !! those pics look cute ! i wish i had polaroid too !

    have a great day :D
    The Endless Wishlist


every comment makes me smile ^^