Saturday 23 April 2011

Blue Twisted Star Circle Lens & Happy Easter!

I received these EOS blue circle lens from MUKUCHU.Thank you again, Mukuchu ^^
They are the Twisted star series. size 14.0mm
The colour is strong and there is some enlargement
Photos taken in natural daylight

Below are photos taken with flash photography
you can really see the blueness here !

Not sure if they suit me that much! But overall a very nice lens, you can’t really see the star pattern but the colour is really strong even on my brown eyes.
Comfort ★★★★☆
okay! anyway, since it’s Easter, A lovely girlie gave me this bunny bracelet! I drew the panda eyes on it xD Now it’s a panda bunny.
hmm I can now eat all my chocolates! but I’d actually rather eat savoury food. I had these cup noodles. They are yummy!!
photo (12)e
Have a nice Easter everyone ^^

Thursday 21 April 2011

random update

Sorry for the lack of posts! I have been so busy lately!
so I got back today and I received this letter from Amanda!! Thank you so much it was such a nice surprise ^_^
and inside was the cutest bookmark I’ve ever seen!!
Panda with an apple..
and she also got me panda stickers =]

^__^ they are so cute, thank you so much again!!

I’m so blessed to have so many lovely people constantly give me panda stuff ^^ love you all . .

p.s. I also got this pink domo Kun in the mail today! It’s a present I bought for a friend, I hope they don’t see this !
photo (11)e
I’ll be back soon =]

Monday 11 April 2011

Swap and Easter chocolate Haul + food. .

I had another swap with Rena to swap away the missha BB cream! So I got her package a few days ago =] This is what I got:- she drew me a really cute panda picture on the letter hehe
^ NYX mascaras, and something nicely wrapped up!
More mascara and Revlon liquid eyeliner! I tried it out and it’s really easy to use and really does stay on all day! thank you!!
Also this cute lip gloss from e.l.f. IMG_3304e
but my favourite thing was actually this chewing gum!
^ it smells amazing when you open the seal O.O and when chewing it you get the minty freshness plus a hint of chocolate =) we can’t get this over here in the UK so I was really surprised when I saw it!
Okay so, Easter is coming up and I wasn’t expecting any Easter eggs, I don’t really particularly like chocolate on it’s own very much! But anyway, the BF bought me this giant cupcake shaped chocolate. .
I don’t know how I’m going to start eating this ><
And my friend L*** got me this panda goodie box from Thorntons!!
What’s inside?
buttons, fudge, chocolate raisins, chocolate mouse.
!! Thank you =]
mmm also,I tried Pad Thai for the first time ever yesterday so i had to document it here.=p. I wanted to try it because I watched "We Got Married" and the KhunToria couple eat it and they make it look delicious!!  IMG_3306e
^nom nom nom.
and lastly, This is chocolate flavoured frozen yoghurt i had from Nandos! it was so yummy, and bottomless!!! but I was so full I couldn’t even manage to have one refill...(fail.)

Saturday 9 April 2011

Pandas, cake, ice cream

my latest cake drawing ^^ Keroppi =]
and finishing off the panda haul, this cute tee from Puppygarden HK. L&C Thank u again !! hmmm actually it might not be a panda, is it a dog? 

sesame and green tea ice cream mmmmmmmmmmmmm
this was another dessert I had the other day
I’m so hungry now ><
it’s 0330am !I’m listening to U-kiss 0330 ^_~

Friday 8 April 2011

Loblography Challenge results!

Remember I received the Diana F+ a few weeks ago, as part of the ‘loblography’ challenge? Well the results are out and it turns out that I won ! *_____*
I was up against some amazing bloggers too and I thought their Lomography photos were so good o.O!Thank you all so much for your help because I couldn’t have won without your comments and likes!!
Here is a collection of pictures from the films all taken with the Diana:

And the prize, was the Lomo L CA+!
came in a wooden box
wrapped in cute paper !!
it was actually a lot smaller than I expected ^^
films I got with it
I also got this book which is filled with amazing photos and instructions on how to use the camera =]
I want to take photo’s like these!
I think I’m going to save up for the Lomography Instant back, so I can take polaroid photos like these! * can’t wait!!!*
so yeah! thank you all SO much I promise to do a giveaway soon! p.s. I will definitely take more photos with the LCA+ and share them here =] x

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Panda panda panda

I have a lot to blog about but little time! but here’s some more panda haulage. These are also from L and C. Thank you both so much >_<! So here goes:-

Cute panda box !!



Inside is a tote bag !


But the really cool thing is that it can be converted into a shorter bag + pencil case!! I like it better this way! plus the pencil case is massive you can fit everything you need inside xD


badges from the same store. =p the pandas look really angry hahaSAM_1660e

btw if you are wondering where, it’s from Macau!:-



Then for this! my favourite. . .


so cute ^____^ but what is it?


it’s actually a panda corsage! you know, the things that girls wear on their wrists at formal prom evenings with pretty dresses, except normally they are flowers, (which die by the end of the night)


so this is perfect for me ^^ I love the lacy bit and the ribbon AND the panda =]


I will definitely wear it to a wedding/formal party some day and show you xD. Thank you !! and there’s more! but next time ^^ x

Friday 1 April 2011

Hello Kitty Eyeliner and Panda cookies

YAY I won my very first giveaway! I’ve entered so many giveaways and this is the very first time I’ve ever won one! So I was very excited ^^ Thanks again to Edwina =]!

I won this Hello Kitty mini eyeliner pencil set, I’m not a big fan of hello Kitty but it’s So cute!





I tried it out the day I got it! the pencils are really nice too, they are really creamy and draw on your skin easily.


^ I used the black (goodnight dreams), brown (Chocolate milk) and cream (Happy cloud) here. The creamy colour is my favourite! it’s like, pearly =)

So yeah, I really love the set, Thank you!! ^___^

I also got some panda things from Hong Kong (more panda stuff I know!!) from L and C Thank you so much! I will blog the rest later, but here are panda cookies which are so cute and also taste really yummy because I ate 2 already >< I’m thinking of making them myself one day. yay! my next baking project!



Thanks for reading! hope you have a fun April fools day. Don’t go too far with the jokes ><, and don't believe anything too easily. . .