Tuesday 29 March 2011

Panda Mug

I always wanted this mug but I showed my bf and he told me not to buy it because it’s wasting money blah blah, and even though 50% was going to Japan (last week) I should donate it all to Japan.So I didn’t buy it in the end, and donated instead!. . . Little did I know he had secretly gone and bought it for me =p

So here is the cutie. [Thank you XP] I love it so much and will treasure it.Bought from Steppie's store


packaged nicely. and I got an “I am a ninja sticker” !


Normal panda ^


Nerdy Panda on the back!


hot chocolate and a wafer biscuit =]


nerd. =p

Wednesday 23 March 2011

EOS Baby Colour Grey Circle Lenses Review

Thank you again to Mukuchu for sponsoring me with these lenses ^_^ They are EOS baby colour grey J-211
Diameter:14mm , Comfort:★★★★☆
The black circle is quite small so there’s not much enlargement and they look more natural.
with and without: ( indoor light at night time )

Picture with flash: SAM_1492e
overall I really like these lenses, they are really comfortable compared to other EOS lenses I’ve tried and the look is quite natural so i can wear these whenever I want to ^_^

Monday 21 March 2011

not all Pandas are cute but I love them anyway

Random update. Thank you to H for choosing me these panda biscuits! =] I never need to buy my own panda biscuits because people keep giving me them.. Never tried these before! the box is so funny I laughed for a while at it. . .


The back of the box I filled in! lol


But the actual biscuits are cute =]


hmmm. I think I’ve been quite good lately with my purchases! Times like these you have to realise that money should be used wisely- e.g. to help Japan and suffering people in the world.

but i have to confess..I did cut down but not completely.

Recent buy- this meshed knit jumper thing. . . I didn’t really need it to be honest >.<


I also just purchased this panda cardigan. .  and it’s for men, so I will have to do a lot of altering with my sewing machine to make it fit me, but I just. . . couldn’t resist =____=


Sunday 20 March 2011

Sweet Panda bread recipe

So, after many attempts at the panda bread I finally have an OK recipe that tastes yummy =] So thought I would share with you ^^ (p.s. idea inspired by a Japanese cooking site )

This panda bread is sweet and the taste & texture reminds me of Chinese man tou- [饅頭]

Here is what you need:

300g plain flour
20g butter,
1 cup of milk
3 large tablespoons of sugar
5g dried yeast
Drinking chocolate or cocoa powder (darker),
Pandan paste ( or green food colouring)


place the following into a bowl and mix with a dough hook. [Gradually adding in the milk]


You should end up with a sticky-ish dough


Split the dough


knead the colours into the 2 doughs ( i did this by hand)


you should end up with 3 dough pieces


* preheat your oven to a low heat *

keep each one in cling film until you are ready to build the panda. You can leave them for a while but I don’t. Then build the panda, something like this:-instructions2

and leave the oven (switched off) for about 40 minutes, then cook at 180C for 30 minutes.

You should end up with a nicely risen loaf. The results may vary, I tried it many times and every time I got a different ‘panda face’ So it’s quite exciting really!!


This one has long ears! ^


^ the first one I made that didn’t taste as good but looked the best.


This one looks ok! and tasted yummy.


serve with condensed milk ^_^


I eat the green parts then leave the panda to the last. . .( ‘Pandan’ flavour is really nice if you have never tried it! it gives the bread a really nice smell. )

You can use this method to make whatever you like really, doesn’t have to be a panda. =]

Monday 14 March 2011

cute stuff

Long overdue but this is a little haul I received at Christmas from Fenny! (thank you :3)

Stationary from Gmarket =]!

This is a really beautiful calendar/diary


See how cute it is inside !



On the back of each page is also a pretty picture


pretty sure some of the pictures were from Japan. .






pretty Bookmarks



loads of stickers O.O ! they are so pretty too I don’t want to use them up  . . .



And then the other day i also received a Panda Mirror randomly, from someone who I don’t really know well but they know I like pandas! Thank you so much !! >.<


so cute ! Panda mirror stands up too on it’s own.


And this is Hello Kitty mango pudding. . I ate


tea and desserts..




Saturday 12 March 2011

Praying for Japan

It’s disasters like these that makes us realise that life is so fragile, treasure every moment and everyone in your life <3
Please Donate to help out <3

Sunday 6 March 2011

Very Expensive presents haul. . .

So. my parents decided to spoil me =] !! All I can say is, they love me very much and I love them too. I know I’m a spoilt child. . but these are the first ‘designer’ items I ever owned.I also did NOT choose nor ask nor hint for any of these ! (apart from the hair dye =] )
Chanel J12 - It’s actually a watch designed for swimming or diving; not your typical bling bling CHANEL watch. which makes it perfect for me ^^. but really. it’s far too precious for me to wear it to go swimming o.O!!
Liese hair dye -milk tea brown 
I needed these because this is how bad my roots were before =p

Oh also... if that wasn’t enough, my mum chose this bag for me from Mulberry, whilst she was waiting at the airport. . .
A bag, within a bag, within a bag XD
I had never seen this design before ^^ i don’t follow designer handbags really and I’ve only heard of the ALEXA,  but I actually really really like this bag!!IMG_0836e
oh, I found out it’s called the Mitzy Messenger if you’re wondering ^^
I need to add, the shirtdress is also new, bought for me from HK! perfect for me. I love my parents <3