Wednesday 24 August 2011

Of my Trip to London !

So after I got back from Hong Kong I went off to London to visit my cousins again (just for a few days) :3 This time we went to Selfridges to shop as I haven’t actually properly walked in there! It’s so big we didn’t get around it all >< But I saw the Artbox store and I loved it ^^ Haul post next time =]
cute panda-saur!
Really wanted this panda Plush but didn’t buy it =_=
Pierre Herme Macarons at Selfridges ! They are super expensive >___<
I also went to Trocadero to see the Ho panda shop, only to realize that it moved to a bigger store right at the front of the shopping centre! You can’t miss it now, but to be honest I prefer it the way it used to be. Also, this time I went, they didn’t let me take any photos/video T__TSAM_3547
I also attended a wedding ceremony one of the days I was in London >< I didn’t even have a proper outfit as I found out so last minute! I’m wearing my casual fake-shoe lace flats I got from HK and a navy polka dot playsuit with lace vest. I felt a little underdressed =_=
ok so another day we went to Westfield shopping centre, London, another place I have never been! I saw SNOG and I had to have one ^^
For my last dinner I wanted Korean food so we went to Assa, in Soho, London ^^ I love bibimbap!!
we also had a pork hotpot and seafood pancake!IMG_5038
Another thing ! my cousins brought me to a Kpop event in London, which was fun ^^

what was special about this party was that they were giving out GD/TOP albums and I actually won one! I was so happy XD
inside the album there’s a book of photos ^__^ 
taken on the tube! I miss you two already ><’
I came home with some Krispy Kreme Donuts ^^

Friday 19 August 2011

Hong Kong Panda Shopping Haul

Dear panda lovers :) Just showing you the panda stuff I got from Hong Kong, (other things that aren’t here I have shown in previous posts!)
Panda Wall sheet!
Cute socks (2 non panda, sorry) a cute panda slipper phone charm and a panda measuring tape!  
Cute notepads :3  SAM_3384
Panda balloons XD – from Toys R us
Cute panda stationery
Panda car air freshener ^_^ (it’s Korean!!)
comes with little stickers for decoration =]
SAM_3393 SAM_3392
Panda ceramic/glass spoons =3 I love these. they were 19HKD each from a store called L’RosaceSAM_3403
They also sold other panda cups and bowls etc but I couldn’t buy everything =(IMG_4933
And I’m including these panda slippers too because I was going to buy these at the very end after I had checked if there was enough room in my suitcase, but then I forgot to go back >_<
^ slippers from a store in TrendyZone, Mong KoK

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Panda House Frozen Yoghurt in MK

One place I had on my list to visit in Hong Kong was the Panda House Frozen Yoghurt shop in Mong Kok. So I finally got to go last week and I loved it SO much !
So basically it’s just a little frozen yoghurt shop, that sells Hokkaido milk yoghurt. You get the yoghurt then you are free to put whatever toppings you like!
I chose Mochi, strawberries and Oreo bits! The yoghurt was so creamy !!! ahh it was so nice. I want to go back. ><
Air con is good inside too! and you can sit on the benches whilst you eat =] and they don’t mind you taking photos !
So there you go, another panda place in Hong Kong! It was quite hard to find, but go here for the map/directions.

Friday 12 August 2011

highlights of my trip to macao

I went on a family trip to Macao last weekend ^^ we stayed in the Venetian hotel/casino ! It was so beautiful and super big! my photos don’t do it justice I’m afraid!
this guy just stands and holds the door XD
inside the shopping mall there is a fake sky! it was night time outside but always daytime inside
first meal/snack I had was bibimbap! because I felt like eating korean food ! since the place reminds me of the drama Boys Over Flowers xD
outside there was a couple taking wedding photos! so cute :)   
the hotel rooms were amazing. . I had a double bed to myself xD
the bridge where Jun Pyo and Jan di stood !
hehe, this man was actually singing his heart out so loud and was really good! we didn’t get to ride the boat in the end tho :(
I love their uniforms ! =)
pandas! :P
The main reason we went to macao was to see the amazing show at the House of Dancing water – City of Dreams. It was like a water acrobatics show with ballet, music and a storyline! I loved it ^^IMG_4769
We also visited the Ice world at the venetian
it had loads of ice sculptures inside and was pretty cool- I mean, freezing !! we couldn’t last long inside.. even with the free coats!
And there was even an iced panda!!
Pretty night scene at the Wynn casino
yep those are the highlights! also spent some good quality time with my family =) and didn’t gamble !
only a few more days in HK =(

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Visit to Panda House Cafe Hong Kong

**** NOTE this cafe has since closed down**** =(
A friend recommended this panda cafe to me so I had to go!
There are a lot of these cafes in Mong Kok, Hong Kong where you can eat, drink coffee, sit for as long as you want, use the free wifi and also play board games! But this one is special in that it is panda themed!
the waitress’s panda pen!
Panda decorated chocolate drinks were by far the best things in the cafe!!
SAM_2865the food was Ok, I had this cheesy pasta bake.
SAM_2856 we played monopoly deal! xD and also a panda game on a friends ipad haha =]
big panda seat thing
and finally me and WY with all the pandas!!SAM_2901
so yeah, definitely worth a visit if you like pandas =) p.s. I think i might actually own more pandas than the panda cafe does! I want to open my own one xD