Sunday 4 September 2011

September: updates

1. You may have noticed (or not?) that I changed my blog header and colour scheme =]. Do you like it?
What it used to be:
I’m happy with my new header since it’s my own design ^_^
2. Okay so just a few things I got from London over a week ago. Panda notepad and panda socks =] from Artbox, Selfridges

I had frozen yoghurt twice this week! I’m pretty sure all these froyo shops never existed a few years ago?
photo (1)


  1. Oh, I like you rnew header!!!

    The Sailor top you bought...D: I need something like that, too!
    And I need to eat Frozen Yoghurt again...ugh...

  2. Ohh i love love pandas! and you're so beautiful! ><

    Btw, do you make blog presentations?(8

  3. Love the new header. It's cute.
    Yeah, I think froyo just got really big recently. My friends told me it's huge in Asia, too

  4. i noticed the new header cos of you url, i thought it was super cute! ^^
    ahh i need to get my student id for my student discount, going to abuse it as soon as i get it hehehe!
    love your purchases ^^
    Krissy xoxo

  5. I know u r crazy abt sailor collars but u can carry them off really well!

  6. love the new header =D so stinking cute ~~~

    yogen fruz <3

    congrats on your 4th year <3

  7. the new header is adorable ^_^ and i love the shorts, esp w that flowly top!

  8. yay for sailor collar! I've been collecting a seifuku-like clothes too ^^ they're just to cute >.<~~~

    and I LOVE your new header! so cute, well, if you like, I can make animated 'panda' header for you ^^ in case you're bored or wanting a new something. just tell me. have a nice day Ani ^^

  9. i love the polka dot shirt and nice new layout and header :)

  10. Aww this is soo cute! i love ur sailor top!


  11. I really like your polka dot shirt! Ohh froyo, it's like super expensive here >_<;;; And your new header is adorable! ♥ I'm back to uni as well, but 1st year again haha. Good luck with all the work!

    ★ Cookiie

  12. Love the new header! It's so cute ^^ very you! haha, omg.. you're 4th year med student? @.@ good luck with it~ >.<

  13. I love what you bought in HK!
    Wow, you're doing medicine and it's your fourth year D: how has it been? :D haha

  14. I love love love love love your blog! Very cute and unique :) So lovely :)

  15. nice header..its very kawaii much!

  16. Yea I love art box !!
    I also bought 3 pairs of socks and book. But I didn't see the panda one . Cute !!

  17. hi i mentioned you in one of my posts due to your great inspiration... i hope you are okay with that? :)) love your blog!


every comment makes me smile ^^