Sunday 11 September 2011

L o v e

changed my iphone cover: Love polka dots!
photo (29)
pic of W’s Dog, BEAST. so adorable.
photo (28)
And a Belgian waffle I had with honey bear ice cream and strawberries. . .
photo (30)


  1. I love the photos~
    The cupcakes and the waffle look so yummy *Q*
    Now I'm hungry, haha :D

  2. ahaha i sit here hungry like wolf, not hungry just have taste for some sweets :D but unlucky, we don't have any , and your photos with food looks so freaky good :D

    nice couple photo and also bride/groom photo :)
    I think i will go watch some romantic movie now :D

  3. i lvoe the polka dots and ur iphone case ^^ and i love the wedding cupcakes :3

  4. Oh love the first looks quite romantic ♥ dunno why~

    And your tights! The hearts ♥♥♥

    Ahaha and the dogs name is really Beast?! Amazing xDDD

  5. Love the first photo it's so cute ^^
    And you look cute as always :) love
    the poloroid photos~


  6. i love your iphone cover!
    and i like the polaroid photo, so cute!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. Wedding cupcakes looks really tasty! :) And loving your heart tights, it's cute!


  8. i love weddings =D
    you look so cute~

    the cupcakes/ waffles look yummy, the panda case is adorable and awwww the doggie <3

  9. Polaroid pictures are amazing, aren't they <3 ?
    I want to have a small section on my way, full of beautiful polaroid taken pictures !
    I have two vintage polaroid cameras, but I don't have any film for them, someday I will find film and use them like no tomorrow <3

  10. I thought those cupcakes were floating flowers in water!! so pretty :B

  11. The photos are so cute! the wedding cupcakes look delicious :O Is that your man in the polaroid? ;) Haha love the over the knee heart tights <3

  12. I love your tights and iphone cover ! And the newlyweds look so loving. ♥

    ★ Cookiie

  13. your i phone case is so cute! where did you get it? :))


every comment makes me smile ^^