Wednesday 24 August 2011

Of my Trip to London !

So after I got back from Hong Kong I went off to London to visit my cousins again (just for a few days) :3 This time we went to Selfridges to shop as I haven’t actually properly walked in there! It’s so big we didn’t get around it all >< But I saw the Artbox store and I loved it ^^ Haul post next time =]
cute panda-saur!
Really wanted this panda Plush but didn’t buy it =_=
Pierre Herme Macarons at Selfridges ! They are super expensive >___<
I also went to Trocadero to see the Ho panda shop, only to realize that it moved to a bigger store right at the front of the shopping centre! You can’t miss it now, but to be honest I prefer it the way it used to be. Also, this time I went, they didn’t let me take any photos/video T__TSAM_3547
I also attended a wedding ceremony one of the days I was in London >< I didn’t even have a proper outfit as I found out so last minute! I’m wearing my casual fake-shoe lace flats I got from HK and a navy polka dot playsuit with lace vest. I felt a little underdressed =_=
ok so another day we went to Westfield shopping centre, London, another place I have never been! I saw SNOG and I had to have one ^^
For my last dinner I wanted Korean food so we went to Assa, in Soho, London ^^ I love bibimbap!!
we also had a pork hotpot and seafood pancake!IMG_5038
Another thing ! my cousins brought me to a Kpop event in London, which was fun ^^

what was special about this party was that they were giving out GD/TOP albums and I actually won one! I was so happy XD
inside the album there’s a book of photos ^__^ 
taken on the tube! I miss you two already ><’
I came home with some Krispy Kreme Donuts ^^


  1. they seemed like such fun-filled days! wow, the ho-panda shop looks huge! pretty jealous of your gdtop album!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. That panda plush was very cute!! It's a shame you didn't get it ;( I want that Hello Kitty bunny and strawberry on the sides of it! soooo cute

  3. Wow, you look super cute :3 I especially love your outfit you wore to the K-Pop event!
    GD&TOP?! You lucky girl! I love them hehe

  4. OMG. I'm so jelly!
    Congrats on winning !! :D
    I think i need to move to London so i have access to Kpop concerts.. so barren over here >_<;;

  5. Such eventful days you had! The macarons look so delicious omg! Currently following your blog btw :)


  6. Omg, i want such a album too! D: You're rly pretty.

  7. hehe panda saur is adorable =D raawrrrrr lol

    <3 frozen yogurt

    OMG lucky!!!!!!!!! you got the album~~~

  8. a store entirely dedicated to panda stuff?? I want to go too!!
    you're so lucky you got that album i love them!! ^^

  9. Loved this post!
    And I'm superhappy I visited the HO-panda shop before it moved,it was smaller but cuter *.*


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