Friday 19 August 2011

Hong Kong Panda Shopping Haul

Dear panda lovers :) Just showing you the panda stuff I got from Hong Kong, (other things that aren’t here I have shown in previous posts!)
Panda Wall sheet!
Cute socks (2 non panda, sorry) a cute panda slipper phone charm and a panda measuring tape!  
Cute notepads :3  SAM_3384
Panda balloons XD – from Toys R us
Cute panda stationery
Panda car air freshener ^_^ (it’s Korean!!)
comes with little stickers for decoration =]
SAM_3393 SAM_3392
Panda ceramic/glass spoons =3 I love these. they were 19HKD each from a store called L’RosaceSAM_3403
They also sold other panda cups and bowls etc but I couldn’t buy everything =(IMG_4933
And I’m including these panda slippers too because I was going to buy these at the very end after I had checked if there was enough room in my suitcase, but then I forgot to go back >_<
^ slippers from a store in TrendyZone, Mong KoK


  1. wowwww i’m amazed at how much panda stuff u get all the time!!! it’s endless!!!

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

  2. lovely panda stuff *-*
    I love all the bowls and kitchen stuff^^

  3. LOVE that panda cling on sheet, and the air freshener AND those super adorable slippers!
    Krissy xoxo

  4. Wow, that's really a big panda haul O.O
    I love the panda stuff that you bought ♥

  5. I love your panda stuff, specially the clothes!
    I love Panda too! Nice blog!

  6. i'm in love with your panda haul. everything is so cute with black panda eyes

  7. I'm so jealous that you have so many panda merchandising over there! Especially the air conditioner <333
    Have fun in London :)

  8. i LOVEEEE the panda top with the striped dress! so cute :)

    angie of pandaphilia fashion

  9. pandas <3 so cute =D love everything you got!!!!

    omg the hairstylist in HK cut half my hair shorter too... it's so weird, it sticks out!!! but yours doesn't look too bad!!!! hope both our hair grows out fast haha

  10. Hi Ani~ Everything looks cute >< I wish stores like that exists here! I'll die of cuteness o_O I totally love the bedroom slippers and the dress, so pretty! I really love what you did with your hair, it suits you well~

    Have fun in London! ^__^

  11. OMG so much panda things :O
    So cute! Haha panda over-load.
    The panda wall sheet is amazing! =D
    Im glad you had a great shopping trip~
    Your hair looks great too! What you talking about?!

  12. I LOVE ALL YOUR PANDA THINGS *___*! And that wall sheet looks super super cool :o ! I think I've seen similar things before ..but I'm not sure xP

    Ahh, I'd love to see your room and your entire closet *_* I BET ITS FILLED WITH PANDA STUFF <33

  13. That's a huge panda collection you got there! Cute stuff! :)How was your trip to HK?


  14. soo cuteeee, love the socks and your t-shirt the most :D

  15. You make me love Panda you know !! hahaha ^^
    I love your Panda top with that stripes dress ! Beautiful <3

  16. I love your blog. ♥

    I just followed your blog, hope you check out mine too. ♥



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