Sunday 7 September 2014

Visiting Cafe R&C

much awaited date afternoon! We went to this little hidden cafe in CausewayBay. 

The first thing I shall warn you about is, try to avoid going on a Satuday/weekends. we went and had to wait for a table. Waiting for a table is fine, but when it's HOT and sunny outside.. standing in a queue for even 15 minutes can seem like forever. 

melting in the heat!!^ 
So we decided to go around the corner to another shop called 'Waffill' to get a filled waffle whilst we waited. This was quite an experience too. Waffle filled with chicken, anyone? I think I would get a sweet waffle next time instead :) 

OK back to the point of the blog, the R&C Cafe. The attraction of this place is the cute coffeeart! They have Green Tea Lattes with different designs, such as the Alien from Toy Story, Mike from Monster's Inc, cute bears, etc! Check out more pics here

 cappucino with 3d coffeeart!

We shared a dessert: french toast with ice cream. Delicious! They also serve different pasta/main courses for dinner too. 

Overall it's worth a visit, has a nice comfortable atmosphere inside too, personal service and with free Wifi. I would go back again =) 


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