Saturday 20 September 2014

Shrekfast with panda bread!

Super excited about this! So the bf brought me to Macau especially for this themed hotel breakfast. It is part of the Cotai, Dreamworks package and is at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Macau. 

Such an awesome experience and a perfect start to the day!
The session starts at 9am, and lasts until 10.30am. It is like a showXbuffet breakfast. 

The seats are set out like a fairytale banquet ^^
In terms of food, they have all the usual buffet breakfast foods of a nice hotel ( didn't take many photos of the regular food but they had a range of oriental and western breakfast foods) they also added in some cute features, for example, Panda bread! 

Honestly just tastes like normal bread but OMG it's panda bread. I was very happy. My idea of a perfect breakfast: Eggs benedict and panda bread.

and did I mention they also had Panda baos?? These are filled with sweet red bean paste. So good!

So whilst you stuff your face with all the food, they bring out all the dreamworks characters, who dance on the stage and also give you a chance to take pictures with them! Po was very popular so I didn't manage to get a pic with him haha. 

me with puss in boots

and with the penguin from madagascar!

Overall it was amazing and so worth it. Highly recommend it for the food itself, and especially if you're into dreamworks movies! it's great for kids and adults too. Plus it's not only for children, it seemed that more of the people there were adults actually. Bear in mind it is hosted by a hotel/casino!

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  1. This sounds absolutely amazing.
    The panda food looks so cute ;A; how do I eat such cuteness! haha :P

  2. i found this blog thanks to the next blog button (i love that button), and was immediately entranced and began reading. i shall now go on to read the rest of your blog posts xxxxxxxx


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