Saturday 1 October 2011

panda bento box

random blog post : It’s a Panda bento box! bought in Hong Kong, (TST, Harbour city)


full set opens out like this:


This box reminds me of how I wandered to alone to get it on my last day of Hong Kong and got lost along the way back! It was worth it though =] I will hopefully get using it soon! need to learn to make a nicely decorated bento lunch!

This is a panda bag that’s made out of bamboo! got it last week at a Uni fair =]


mmmm and these are macarons all the way from Ladurée, Paris!! Thanks L and C!  They are the nicest macarons I’ve ever had ! o.O soo yummy. (especially the cream inside. . . .)



a quick update: I dropped my beloved iphone4 into the toilet so and now it won’t turn on =[. now I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms! mainly missing whatsapp, the camera, and photography apps >_<

I also lost photos which I was supposed to blog (hence why this post is random) for my birthday haul part 3 and the fish eye camera lens review, so they will just have to wait.

hope everyone has a better week than I did !


  1. Aww the bento box is so cute! I love bento boxes, but I hate how small they are. The portions are definitely not suited for an adult's appetite. Sorry to hear about your Iphone though :(

  2. awee HK is full of PANDA <33 and omg how's your iPhone now. fixed it yet?

  3. I love your Panda Bento Box!
    I love Bento Box, but I don´t have any T.T
    Someday I will buy one for me!

    I will probe Macarons, look delicious!

  4. Yeay I also have the hello kitty one :3
    Hope your iphone get well soon !!!! ><
    I wanna try to eat macaroons :D

  5. awww the panda lunch box is so cute =] can you share your bento lunch creations?

    oh no >< sorry about your phone ...

  6. I love the bento box~!! it's so cute! Im sorry to hear about your iphone 4 >.< i hope it can be replaced soon!

  7. The bento box is so cuuute :0 nice bag too ^^
    Aw I feel sorry for your phone D:

  8. That bento is soo cute ^^ hahah i want to learn also decorate bento boxes..hmmm..maybe i should watch some video tutorials at youtube :)
    and i feel sorry for your iphone, hope you can have it replaces .

    wish you nice and more lucky day from now ^^

  9. awww the bento is so freaking cute!! and OMG those macarons are the BEST! so sweet of your friends to bring them bk for you :D

  10. lulz will you ever tire of pandas?? i dont think ive ever seen someone so obsessed with animal merchandise before

    i want to try good macarons! i had a bad experience. theyre so dang sweet!

    and omg that sucks about your iphone D: i have dropped so many things in the toilet. do you have to buy a new one or..?

    nuuuu dont say that i dont like suzy :( lulz


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