Saturday 20 November 2010

Cute Food + Deco

These used to be real macaroons. I covered them in clear nail varnish and glue. I also added Deco Whipped cream in between them. I also put in phone charm strings into the cream! SAM_0362e

so there you have it. Macaroon phone charms ^^ sweet but not bad for you xD

My First Decoden Phone cover! p.s. I’m still waiting for my white iphone 4 =p. Or I might just get a black one and use this case ^^


^all pieces apart from the panda and bow are sponsored by Glam Kira . The bow was from a broken hair clip. and Panda from a broken hair tie.

Also My mum baked this cake but I decorated  it!!  Happy Birthday Fenny!



Chocolate and Cheese Fondue party ^___^

SAM_0470e p.s. the WINNER of the Glam Kira Giveaway is: Heli

Congratulations! I have sent you an email already!

Sorry if you didn’t win but thanks to those who entered ^^


  1. aww sooo cute post^^ i love the spongebob cake!it looks yummy :3

  2. so cute ^__^

    ~congrats to the winner

  3. Lol what 'reaaaal macarons' o: so they are edible :D ??
    Anyway great job with pimping up your iPhone ^__^

  4. Aaaawww love macaroons and deco! :D

  5. love your deco iphone ^^ and i thought they were real macarons xD

  6. the macaroons phone charm is so cute and makes me want to eat them even though it has glue all over it now...

  7. You're so good with your hands! The Macaron phone charm and Decoden phone cover are so so cute :)

  8. The charms are so cute! And the spongebob cake looks too good to eat haha

  9. hey ani!
    I'll confess to being a long time lurker -_-

    I'm trying out deco these days too. I've made little things like ice-cream and biscuits so far, but they look really dodgy at the moment...

    Love the cake too~

    Trying out for med! Any tips?

  10. cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!
    I can't believe you use REAL macarons to make them! They won't crush? its so cute though!
    and love the deco you did on your phone! Its so cute!

  11. omigosh! those are cute charms and the caaaakee!! major awesomeness!

  12. REAL macaroons o_o!
    ahh nicee =p so its edible lol xD
    like it how you decorated your phone =D hihi..

    btw. i tagged you ^^

  13. O: Real macaroons? That's so cool. :D

    Omg Spongebob! That is so cute. xD

  14. That Iphone 4 case is too cute..can you do a blogpost on how you made it please, because I have a Iphone 3GS but i cant seem to find a cute case for it! :L

    Anyways check my blog out please?


  15. WOW your blog is super KAWAII - I am following now!


  16. I love your decoden phone cover. @_@ <33 I hope you'll be able to get your iphone 4 soon so that you can use it!

    The spongebo cake ... IS AMAZING. *-*
    Spongebob Sqaurepants is one my favorite shows, this cake is full of win!

  17. hmmm but wun the macaroons decompose or something???

    Btw the colors are real pretty!!!

  18. Pssst (I have grant you an award) x

  19. When you say that the macaroons are real, do you mean they're actually edible? :D
    I love the deco case and the Spongebob cake looks so fun! ^-^

  20. spongebobbb !! :D
    supercute ! C:

  21. hey ^^ heres some links related to pandas just for your pleasure =3

    :D Talk to you another time! <33 i like the pirate panda mirror xD

    And omg the Spongecake is so so so so so sooo good and adorable ^-^"! Your mum and yourself are both talented <3 !!

    and omg the Hello Kitty fondue is so so cute :3

  23. ^o^ hun I awarded you please check my blog :)

  24. Very nice article! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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