Wednesday 13 October 2010

pretty things

Just want to say THANK YOU so much to DBLchin for swapping with me all the way from Singapore xD.

This is what she got me


cute glass nail file, japanese navy eyeliner, pretty sewing kit, majolica majorca eyes reset gel, blusher, japanese mascara, kate lipgloss, and my favourite thing which is the compact bb cream!!

Some of the things I already opened =D


this is ‘sew’ pretty ^



I Love this BB cream. It smells lovely and feels so smooth. The colour was right too =D I had never tried a compact BB cream before!



I also tried out this eyes reset gel, aka eyemake up remover. I didn’t know what it was at first xD. It just looks like vaseline when you squeeze it out but it works quite well :)




Still to try out the other items :D but thank you thank you again to clara/dblchin. I am so sorry that my package to you got delayed and I hope it arrives soon >__<

okay, now some pretty food. .

I ate this cupcake! it was my friend’s bday. So pretty. . .  it tasted as good as it looked.


and lastly this was my idea but my mummy made it. It’s a Hello Kitty cream cake. I don’t particularly like hello kitty but it’s So nice! the whiskers are made of pocky, and the furry face is made with white chocolate shavings :D.


Hoping she makes me a panda cake soon. xD hope you’re all having a lovely day/week :)


  1. nice swap items you recieved!
    Also I'm doing a U.K giveaway and wonder if your interested!

    Amy x

  2. That cake is too cute!! Haha, I wish I could make cakes.

  3. I'm your new supah fan and I love hello kitty :)
    Thanks for do this impressionable blog :)

  4. awh thats so cute ^^ i love hello kitty :3 its cuter than the hk cakes u can buy :3

    and cute swap ^^

    sorry for not commenting in a while :(

  5. kyaaa~ love the last pic! it's really cute. a hello kitty cake..hoho

  6. hehe, that's a nice swap ^^. AND THE HELLO KITTY CAKE IS SO SO KAWAII XD.
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  7. love your swap items!

    and love the hello kitty cake! it's so cute!

  8. Awwww the HK cake is adorable!^^

  9. haha omg that cake is adorable!
    Your mom has some serious cake-making-skills xD

  10. What nice items you got!

    I don't particularly like Hello Kitty either, but that cake looks so great and cute!

  11. Haha the cake is so cute! I actually just bought the same BB cream too, but in a pump dispenser form; can't wait to try it out!

  12. I love Hello Kitty and love the cake!! So cute!

    Love NaNa

  13. wow you got some cool stuff from your swap!!! AND your mom's cake looks so cute that I wouldn't want to eat it!!

  14. I really want to try a BB cream compact too :)
    I don't really like hello kitty either but that cake looks absolutely AMAZING!

  15. O: The cake looks delicious. So does the cupcake!

  16. cute things!!I want all!!>.<

  17. ooh wow that hello kitty cake looks cute and yummy!

  18. Hey Glad u like the stuff!!! I've received mine too!!! THANKS~


every comment makes me smile ^^