Monday 18 August 2014

Tokyo Ueno Zoo

Tokyo Ueno Station part 2 of 3
Tokyo Ueno Zoo!
So, once you've made it away from the panda madness that is inside the station, you'll reach the Tokyo Ueno Zoo. There are all sorts of animals including pandas, but panda theme is overpowering in this zoo.

 THE panda post box! I always wanted to see this, was quite surprised it was in the zoo :) 

of course they have giant pandas and other animals :)

gotta try these cute panda red bean cakes. You can watch them being made in a mini factory. 

Next thing is the cafe habiki inside the zoo, if you get tired and just want a place to sit down and also shelter from the weather, it's perfect. We ate the warm steam panda buns. They also have a whole lot of other panda things on the menu too.

don't be fooled by the sweet face, it's actually savoury :)

Souvenir of panda ramen yum yumm yummy. Still have yet to try eating this.

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  1. Still in panda mood I see c:
    I love panda's and I'd love
    to visit this zoo and eat
    all these yummy looking
    food :P Xx

  2. I'd love to visit this zoo! It's like panda heaven :D

    1. You should!! It really is panda heaven hehe 🐼


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