Thursday 17 January 2013

Goodies from Hong Kong

Haul from Hong Kong! thank you Fenny ^^
I can't wait to try the eos lipbalm. Always wanted to try it =]

The panda eye and face masks are so cute, the packaging totally sells them!!

and the étude house kit is just what I needed :)


  1. cute hauls :)

  2. omg, such cute haul. I love eos lip balm too and I'll bet you will to

  3. I love face packs ^.^ Really cute buys!


  4. im a sucker for pandas too! sooooo adorbs! ^_^

  5. kyaaaaaahhhh... I hope you're still around! I mean this post was made in January and it is almost april already T^T

    I was just surfing through my own blog and opened my old posts and then I found you and well, we used to chat a lot but honestly I don't think you remember me hahahahaha...

    it's okay, we can always reintroduce ourself, so I hope you'll come back here and write something again~ ^O^

  6. This is a topic that is near to my heart... Best wishes! Where are your contact details though?

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every comment makes me smile ^^