Thursday 7 June 2012

New Panda Top +

hi guys! I found my camera so I thought I would blog. I have seen a lot of panda tops and panda inspired clothing but it’s hard to wear a panda top without looking too childish! So I was really happy when I found this top =]
bought this panda print vest from ASOS! it’s on sale too!
website photos:
actual item: close up: Panda print !!
^ picture with flash – pinky coral colour
That’s the colour it looks in real life, but for some reason when I don’t use flash, my camera makes it look more yellow! (I need a new one..) but you get the idea.
photo (66)
love’s nice and light, will be wearing it in summer yay !
hmm now just some random recent pics:-
panda goodies from HK ^^ ty L&C. I can’t wait to eat the panda biscuit thing, but also don’t want to eat it >_<
the weather was super hot here just last week. I miss it. Hope it comes back soon. BBQ everyday!

my mum’s mango cake ^^
and I decorated this cake!! =] can you guess who it is? ^^
Thanks for visiting :)


  1. It's been ages I've
    visited your blog!!
    And your hair has
    grown since the
    last time it seems :P

    Nice outfit, love
    the top and the cute
    panda prints ^__^

    Nice mellow grilling
    and what a cute


  2. O__O When I read the title "New Panda Top +" I thought it would be a entry of my lovely TOP XD

    Really love your style, your outfit and make up are so cute. And really love your panda stuff

  3. The top is so cute :) At first you can hardly tell that they're little tiny pandas!!!

  4. wuaaaaah kawaii! that panda top is so cute! And you look so adorable with it! Love the cute panda goodies and that drink is huge indeed o.0

  5. That top .. is .. cute! D:<
    How do you find all of those panda things? Haha XD
    That mango cake looks yummy! :3

  6. Lovely top, looks good on you! ♥ I'm trying to find something from asos as well... haha~

  7. OMG. that is one massive drink!! so much cute panda-ness >///<

  8. That cocktail is huuugggeee. I didn't notice the little panda print till the close up shot, so cute ^-^ x

  9. I'm a panda lover too!! ciao Maggie.

  10. Cute top! And i love that Cars cake, ha ha :D

  11. The top is so cute! I think the panda print makes it very wearable, because unless you're up close, you can't really tell what it is :)

  12. I love the top, its so cute n.n

  13. that panda top is sooo cute!

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  14. cute panda top!! the cake looks so yummy!

  15. so cute!! I loved the panda top, I want one like these!!

    I have a gift for you in my blog ^^
    please visit:

  16. Wow! I really like your panda top and your inspired panda clothing collections thus, they are all cute.


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