Thursday 26 April 2012

Mini G market Haul

So I said I would post up a mini haul of what I bought with my 50,000won voucher for Gmarket! unfortunately it actually doesn’t add up to much once you count the overseas delivery! but still, I got these for free <3

1. So as you can see from the stock photos, I get so easily sucked in by how nice the photo looks. I mean the chocolate doesn’t come with it but I saw the pictures and I just had to have it!

It’s a phone ‘pluggy’ that goes into a 3.5mm earphone socket.

Is it a Lion king or a Panda? you decide. It looked panda enough for me to buy it xP

Stock Photos:




What I got:




Really good quality, exactly as the photos, minus the chocolates and the artificial sparkles! but it actually does sparkle in real life!

pic with my phone:


2. Denim shirt with Sheer black sleeves

Stock photo:


This shirt was also the same as the stock photo, (the colour here looks slightly different but it’s the lighting effect).

photo (47)

It’s a little wide though, I expected it to be smaller since asian things are normally really small. This shirt feels really baggy and wide. I may need to get my sewing machine out and fix it.

Overall I’m happy because it was a nice gift from gMarket!

Until next time =]


pic from my instagram @ epued


  1. That shirt is really beautiful !

  2. It's a pandalion! :D Haha real cute!
    I also like your shirt even though it's a bit wide for you :3 I'm sure you can work your magic on it~
    I just followed you on instagram~ ^^

  3. That bear pluggy is immensely cute! Is it for deco purposes only? & the top looks good- I wouldn't worry too much if it's a tad larger since I personally think these types of tops look extra nice this way<3


  4. Oh how cute ^^ And that plugger thing is adorable, that is something I haven't seen before!

  5. aww... that's the prettiest & cutest pluggy i ever seen.

  6. Wow! The lion is so cute~ : D The shirt is pretty too!

  7. Aw cute! Haha it looks like a mix between a lion and a panda. :3

  8. I love the denim shirt, it looks very much like one from Emoda! And ur cute ♥ ><

  9. Your pluggy is like the love-child of a panda & a lion lol. Its cute ^_^
    Also love the shirt. I've been wanting one like that since I saw Cheesie wear something like it (or the same one. I dunno -_-)

    [ ]

  10. aww.. pretty :) you are sooo blessed :D are you rich or what? :)) you always got everything you want.. and the pandas are soo cute :D

  11. gmarket is too addicting T__T

    i can see it both a lion king and a panda with a crown and those neck thingies queens wear ha ha ha

    did you have to use the voucher all at once? you couldn't use it to pay for part of your order? :(

    thank you :3

  12. Loving your new shirt! In my town city girls have it :) Cool blog

  13. The toys can be used in so many place, you really good at doing something like this, and yours new shirts also very good!


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