Thursday 23 February 2012

First Gmarket Purchase!

I bought this wallet from Gmarket since my panda wallet got stolen =[ I actually bought it by accident, added it to my basket, then clicked pay via paypal, hoping to check the total price but then it ended up paying before I found out! (so be careful!)
Stock photos:
I chose the navy/pink one =] It came exactly as seen in the photos!
little gold crown.
coin part at the back
Inside: loads of card slots and a photo card slot! Notes go in the two slots in the middle.
I always have the problem of too many cards. So it’s really great for me, I even have room to spare at the moment!
photo (20)
only not-so-practical thing about this wallet is that the coin part is quite narrow so it’s hard to see what coins you have.( although you can actually fit a lot of coins in there!)
It costed me approx £27 incl. shipping to UK and it originally was supposed to arrive in 5 days but it not got delayed by UK customs. ( something which is really rare especially if you’re only buying one thing!!)
I Hope that helps! now just some random things..
photo (21)
photo (22)
^ went to eat HOTPOT that day with the girls and ate SO MUCH I couldn’t sleep at the end of the night.
P.s. I’m on Instagram ! find me @epued ^^
photo (1)


  1. Aww I did that before, wanting to check prices but ended up paying for it =.= but the wallet looks good :D

  2. That's pretty sneaky of G-market. Well, at least it's a pretty wallet and one you like :D

  3. that's a good thing that the wallet was the one you wanted though. and your instagram looks so cute ^^

  4. Aw I really like the purse, the quality looks just as good as the original picture(^ ^) I was thinking about ordering from Gmarket but now that you mentioned customs I'm slightly worried cause I had to pay £35 custom tax before T-T

    If you like Instagram you should definitely try it's almost the same but there are extra features and you can add your current mood etc^^. But most importantly there are a lot of cute Koreans posting pics LOLOLOL.

  5. the wallet is totally cute, i really like the color combination too :3
    and that food looks so yummy!!

  6. I hate it when that happens. I think I'm getting a great deal when really shipping costs more than the actual product :[

  7. I like the wallet; I am in the process of looking for one too. I will check out g-market.

  8. aaw what a lovely wallet ^^ those days lot of walletes has pretty narrow coin part, what is big problem for me, because with euro, we have soo much cents , what are really annoying :D i miss our slovak money, lol :D and because of it i never buy a wallet, which i want, every super cute has it ><' ( or at least i have a "luck" with them )
    your food photos always looks so yummy, afetr read your posts i always go to chceck fridge :D

    haha, ok,
    wish you nice day ^^

  9. That's a lovely wallet, I'm a big fan of Gmarket too but their shipping costs alot. I'm going to check this out when I next order. (*3*)

  10. New reader~ I found you through the Gmarket bloggers award, congratulations! The wallet is so pretty~ anyways I realised you have a medical student ID, do you study medicine?!!! (my dream career)

  11. Hi, may i ask if you had to pay custom tax?

    I'm in UK too, and would like to get some stuff from Gmarket, but i've heard stories on how you'll almost always get a custom tax on Gmarket merchandises so i'm rather concerned. Thanks! Nice Blog btw! (^^ )

    1. Hi. Yes I had to pay customs tax for this one purchase but I have bought twice so far and one time I didn't pay, another time I did. It's really quite down to luck. My friend (also from UK) has purchased from Gmarket about 10 times and never had to pay any customs tax. So I would say most of the time you don't need to pay but sometimes you do. Hope that helps!


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