Wednesday 11 January 2012

highlights of my far

So since the last time I blogged, I have been so busy… mainly eating and hanging out with friends =]. So I guess I’ll just post some photo highlights of my 2 weeks.. mainly involving a lot of food.

This is at the sushi bar

photo (7)

photo (9)

Then for Korean food again @ Cafe Arirang XD

photo (8)

The manager was super nice and knew I like BIGBANG, he gave me this A4 sized BIGBANG folder ^_^ and my friends got 2NE1 and SHINee stickers!!

photo (5)

Hotpot and Korean BBQ . .

photo (3)

This is my friend’s debit card! I wish I was with bank of America too !

photo (2)

My cousin Rachel and my friend’s Dog Mocha; I dyed her hair =] *Rachel’s hair not Mocha’s hair!* we used the milk tea brown from Liese. Her hair colour is lighter on top and darker below, it’s a nice effect though, don’t you think?


McDonalds that we shared. .

photo (4)

3Cousins. Out for dinner and cocktails <3

photo (6)

OM NOM. Cheesecake was so yummy. I don’t really like cheesecake but this was so nice I think I’ve changed my mind!

photo (10)

mmm and hello kitty mango pudding ^^

photo (1)

Teehee. Funny face polaroid. This makes me smile. Won’t be reunited for about 6 months now ! will miss these good times.


Now it’s back to reality, I have an exam on Friday! aaaahhh..I’m away to revise now…


  1. the hair color of hers is pretty :D and she somehow reminds me of Chaigyaru lol.. whoaa, i see food !! everything looks so yumm <3 and the hello kitty pudding looks cute ^^ !!

  2. seems like u had fun!
    craving for sushi now ;P
    and good luck with ur exam :)

  3. happy new year!!!

  4. omg BIG BANG AND FOOD PORN, GIIIIRL <3 this entry is perfection >: D

  5. looks like you had a lot of fun! <3 Hello Kitty mango puddings! SOO cute!!

  6. Aw your food looks so delish... *drool*

    And BIGBANG folder!! You lucky duck! I'm jealous! :p


  7. Yeeshhh... I thought that was Chaigyaru in the first pic

  8. SUSHI!!! yummi yummi!!! and the kitty mango pudding.. oh god! i love it!

  9. its just the hair color and her eyebrows that seem similar.. but mmm sushi!!! ♥

  10. Oh that is so cute~! ^___^ love the hello kitty mango pudding! is it as good as it looks? :D

  11. :o want that Hello Kitty mango pudding in my :3

    Dara xx

  12. The Hello Kitty mango pudding is so cute >w< Haha!


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