Tuesday 24 May 2011

A lot of sweet things

Hello, Haven’t been blogging for a while because of Uni work  =[ but once I get my dissertation handed in I will be free, then I’m hopefully going to Hong Kong for summer! Will anybody be there in July?!

Anyway so I will just put up some more random recent photos, mainly of food, because I love food! and I’m sure you can spot a panda somewhere.


Starbucks caramel Frappuchino with extra cream!!

So I went to have more frozen yoghurt the other day, but they didn’t have green tea flavour =[


it was nice but it wasn’t as good as the SNOG i had in London mmm230358_10150185782649792_505449791_6449585_6017034_ne

my cousin at the back has a massive cookie as his topping!! I want some more ><

My beautiful cousins and me


We ate so much when we were together! I baked some chocolate brownies, modelled here by my cousin Rachel.  I hope she starts blogging again soon!!IMG_3623e

And my latest cake art:- Guess who again! haha.


By the way, so many people ask me for tutorials for these, but all I can say is it’s very difficult! It’s drawn using chocolate icing in a tube, then filling in the colour using shaved coloured chocolate, but it’s really hard to not get the shavings outside the line! I actually really enjoy making these because it’s therapeutic in some way. . . like colouring in when I was little, trying to stay inside the line.

It was for my niece (cousin’s daughter) or second cousin? Well anyway, Happy Birthday Amy! I wasn’t very happy with it in the end I think I messed up the blue one! ( bum bum baa or gee gee ja?)


Thanks for reading ^^


  1. wow! awesome totoro cake :D Bravo for u ;)
    and i wish we had Starbucks here in Norway!

  2. Panda spotted! at your very first pic! hehehe ...

  3. Oh myyyyyy. How cute is that Totoro cake! :O

  4. awww yummy food like always. sometimes i wish we had starbucks where i lived again =[. they closed down a lot of the stores in australia. your cousins and you are really pretty and the cake decoration does look really difficult :P you make it look so easy tho *_*

  5. awwws the totoro is so cute!:)
    ooooh im going to be in hongkong in july as well! kekekes.

  6. waiting for your hongkong trip photos :D


  7. i found panda next to caramel Frappuchino ^^ and i love Tottoro cake, looks soo cute *.*

  8. Im not sure if I go to Hong Kong this Summer so who knows we might bump into each other :D
    You and your cousins looking very pretty ^___^
    I think being creative has a therapeutic function haha


  9. Yumm starbucks! I recently had a chocolate frappuchino! Anyway you're so pretty :D and the cakes you make look so yummy <3

  10. you and your cousins are super beautiful!! and that cake is major awesome! it looks really hard to do ;A; at the same time looks super delish!

  11. Those brownies look good.

  12. cute totoro cake c: ♥ !!

  13. THAT CAKE!!! unbelievable!!! such a great job!!♥

    && I never ate frozen yoghurt before, but...I finally found a new opened store who sells it!!!! Definitely going to try it the coming weeks (*___________*)

  14. omg that cake looks awesome !! and i still need to try frozen yogurt <3

  15. That's so super cute! ^^~
    I do hope you can do a tutorial on those.. :O
    Also, the frozen yoghurt & frappa look delish! :D
    You have green tea frozen yoghurt?! Jealous! Only green tea i can get my hands on are the Green tea frappas at Starbucks T___T"

  16. Hello there ^^. You look so adorable and those food are yum!

  17. totoro cake FTW! you are so talented dear. =)

  18. cake so cute~~ i love snog too!! must have it everytime i'm in london~

    i'm doing a giveaway~ check it out^^ it might interest you~~



  19. Aww you all look so pretty! ^^ And the cake looks really cute! >< And the brownies look so moist and yummy~!

  20. The caramel frap. at startbucks is my favorite too!! ^^

  21. that cake is sooo cute!!~ (: My friend loves totoro!~ ^^ & yummy caramel frap~ (:

  22. yammie:)

  23. ur so talented :3 i want a colouring book and i wish I was going to hong kong, I'm probs not going back until 2012 though :(

    have a great time and nice photos!

  24. oh, cute blog!:)))

    greetings from Poland;)


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