Thursday 21 April 2011

random update

Sorry for the lack of posts! I have been so busy lately!
so I got back today and I received this letter from Amanda!! Thank you so much it was such a nice surprise ^_^
and inside was the cutest bookmark I’ve ever seen!!
Panda with an apple..
and she also got me panda stickers =]

^__^ they are so cute, thank you so much again!!

I’m so blessed to have so many lovely people constantly give me panda stuff ^^ love you all . .

p.s. I also got this pink domo Kun in the mail today! It’s a present I bought for a friend, I hope they don’t see this !
photo (11)e
I’ll be back soon =]


  1. My bangs are about as long as yours and I'm going CRAZY! D: I tried cutting them off myself, but yeah.. didn't turn out too well. I'm thinking of getting a trim after I dye it all next month.. You look really good btw! : D I love your long hair <3

    Yay for prezzies in the mail! \(^3^)

  2. That coffee looks so good!

  3. Wow! Staying in a castle? That is so neat :) I bet you had a lot of fun.
    You're car looks just like you! Small & cute.
    Cute presents!!

  4. omg a castle so cool ^.^ love the photos! panda & more panda *w* !

  5. The castle looks so cool!! And your car is so cute!! =)

  6. Wow.. the countryside looks very dreamy!! Love the castle><

    Amazing mail too. The panda bookmark is so cute. You're so lucky!!(:

    Dreamy Princess

  7. Thats your car??? ahhhhhhh so cuteeeeee XD

  8. You stayed in a castle?! Whoa~ Love it!! I want to stay on a castle too! Keke~ Anyways, mail packages/letters are really the things that can instantly brighten up days! ^_^ And your car is really cute!! It stands out in the picture, lol!

  9. hihi , you are so cute , do you know that ? :-----3 and your blog is so nice ! (:

  10. that panda bookmark is so cuteee!! I want ='D ahhh ! cute carrr ='D it makes me think of the Mr. bean car xD lol cute!

  11. aww that is a cute bookmark!! =O

  12. yayy i'm glad you got my letter safely <33

    OMG ID THAT A MINI COOPER? i'm do jealous! its my dream car :) i'm VERY suprised you don't have the black and white version! hehe

  13. Wow you guys got to stay in a castle?? Lucky you! And the bookmark is really cute ^^

  14. Your car is so cuteee! So awesome that you stayed in a castle O_O

  15. i love how coffee drinks look but i hate the taste! XD

    and OH MY GOODNESS that place looks amazing!! where is that? i wish you took pictures of the inside >.<

    thats great! what kind of polaroid did you get?

  16. oh what a cute domo kun!! and its pink!! super love <3 and you look really pretty <3 and i simply adore your panda stickers!

  17. OMG you stayed at a castle~ how cool =D
    cute car~ lol the outside isn't black and white but the inside is...? haha

    pandassssss lol

  18. All the things look so cute! :)

  19. You look cute dear!
    And awesome cute stuff ^___^ bookmark is niceeee


  20. panda bookmark from Etude House:D
    Series of Missing you.
    They have lip balm and hand lotion too!super cute~
    i think u will like it ;)


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