Sunday 6 February 2011

EOS Big Crystal Brown lenses Review

Hi everyone, these are a pair of more natural looking lenses, I chose these as I had never really reviewed a pair of more natural looking lenses before. Anyway these are also from Mukuchu.

They don’t have a black circle around them, just a darkish brown one. 


Here is what they look like in my eyes.Left one without, right one with. It gives a nice enlargement and is a little lighter coloured than my eyes


I love the colour you get with flash, they look quite natural!



Without flash:


overall one of my favourite lenses so far, I could wear these a lot without freaking anyone out ^_^.

Comfort: ★★★☆☆

Thanks again to mukuchu ^_^. I love these lenses very much!!

p.s. the winner of my usagi/usamimi giveaway is (chosen at random)

Jessica! please check your email x

Thanks to everyone who entered, Hopefully there will be a lot more to come =]


  1. These look pretty natural, I love your big eye btw!

  2. These look very natural on you! This is the brown color I was going for when I bought my Geo fresh brown lens, but those made my eyes darker, not lighter >.<

  3. they look really pretty && natural on you =D

    if you didn't have the one eye w/ contacts one eye w/out
    i would not have noticed the enlargement effect !!!

  4. These lenses look so good on you :)
    Love the last picture! I haven't worn contacts in such a long time.

  5. wow nice circle lenses^^love it!

  6. Oh my gosh! You have beautiful eyes! *Jealous*

  7. Mukuchu have an enormous choice of lenses!! I have place an order!
    The lenses you have choice are great! You look good in!

  8. helloo :) i know, we dont know eachother and you dont know my blog but i am one of your followers since a few weeks and so i gave you an award today because you have such a cute blog and i love to read your entrys and reviews and so on :) i hope you can understand my english, because im from germany and maybe you wont understand my entry about the award but i hope you rejoice at getting the award ^-^

  9. oh i love this! big brown lenses ftw! <3

  10. Your eyes looks like a coffe with milk so cute (L)

  11. You look great with brown eyes! :)

  12. Cuuuuuute!! You look really cute in natural ones as well!!

  13. Hi there! :),
    you look fantastic with those brown eyes!

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