Wednesday 15 September 2010

Panda Birthday =)

Hello everyone. I just wanted to say thank you for the bday messages =) you are all so lovely ^^

Well, I didn’t do much for my birthday this year. I’m getting to the point where I don’t like celebrating my birthday anymore! Anyway, I got a lot of gifts from my friends and family, and I’m so thankful for them ^^. I will just show you the PANDA things I received.


As I am a fan of pandas, 2 friends got me exactly the same present and card by accident =p!


Panda birthday cake made by Ling. Thank you so much =) It tasted wonderful too ^^



my favourite card, It says.. "Miso happy it’s your birthday!" made me laugh. I love pandas AND i love sushi!





scary panda and cute panda cards










Beautiful panda make up bag, lined with polka dots


Cute panda face, but what does it do?


It turns inside out into a big bag!! perfect for going shopping =)





Cutie panda phone charms !!








Panda USB stick ! SO cute. I got 2 of these xD


And last but not least, My favourite one. . . Panda phone holder.



Love him ^

Thank you everyone =) <3

*update* I also received these in the post today! thankyou Kiki =)



  1. woooah, what a haul of pandas! Since I'm a big fan of panda too, all these pic makes me ~kyaaaa kyaaaa-ing. lol

    my fave one is the panda cake! your friend is really nice and sweet for made it specially for you.


  2. omg, everything is panda <3 that so cuteee <3 love the card with the sushi hihihi xD

  3. awesome awesome items!! I hope my friends would get me Panda or Kuromi items on my birthday XD I loove the make up bag and the cp holder best <3

  4. So many panda things!!! hehehe looks like you had an awesome birthday^^ The panda cake is so adorable <3

  5. the panda phone holder is my favourite :D hehe yaaaa my friends sometimes buy me the same panda things too oops xD i'm glad you got so many cute presents!

  6. Belated happy bday! that bday cake looks AMAZING :) and the USB and phone holder are to die for >w<

  7. those are really cute , I am loving the panda cake

  8. ^.^ so cute!!! and happy birthday :) btw, you know what when i go to shopping and I see panda it reminds me of you ^_^

  9. So cute! Love all of them. It sure was a coincidence that you received the same card and present from your friends. =P

  10. Wow!!!! Cute post. Enjoyed reading it. Anyways belated Happy Birthday.

    A small birthday gift from my side....Take the Birthstone Personality Test and find out what does your birthstone reveal about you. I have taken the test and liked it. Hope u too will like it. Have Fun!!

  11. Happi belated birthday~ =]
    OMG! i love the USB ><" do you know where your friends got it from?

  12. WOW! thats tons of pandas!! Sooo cute! Your friends really know what you love! Love the USB panda! That is just sooooo cute > <

  13. Awww all the panda things are so cute!!
    Reading your blog makes me love pandas more and more and makes me want to start collecting panda things x3!!

    Happy belated birthday again:)

    If I see anything panda related here in Aus, I'll be sure to ship it out to you as a late birthday present !! <3 (or early next year birthday xD?)

  14. omg so much panda stuff! its like heaven :D

  15. your panda obsession is so adorable! similar to my domo kun obsession!

  16. wow.... I've never seen anyone who loves Panda so much :p Panda addict alert! Very cute! I gave you a blog award btw :) yay!

  17. wow.... I've never seen anyone who loves Panda so much :p Panda addict alert! Very cute! I gave you a blog award :D YAY!

  18. U are a panda freakkkkkkk!!! HAHA!!! I can't wait for our swaps to reach u too!

  19. so your room must be funny. panda faces everywhere!^^ i love the usb one. and your friend is so sweet to make that cake!.. hope you had an amazing bday! wishing you all the best~~ xx

  20. Beautiful Congratulations! That gift so cute :3

  21. Your friends got you the cutest presents. The panda cake is awesome. (:

  22. omg~~ I loveeeee pandas too!!! :D check out some of my panda posts!! hehee

  23. SO many pandas! *.* so kawaii (:

  24. How old did you turn? And by the way LOVE the pandas!

  25. aaaaaaah to much panda's to handle i love it the're so cute (i'm going to be your follower)

    i have a panda plushie but i don't know if i'll keep him so will you look at it and say if you like him?

    on one of these photo's you can see him

    my blog =


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