Monday, 11 July 2011

Food and shopping in Hong Kong

hello! I made it to Hong Kong =D

So one of the first things I bought were goodies from Sasa. SPF 65 and SPF 130 suncream- an essential for me to prevent getting a tan whilst I’m here and also to protect my skin!


^ on the left is something I picked up by majolica majorca (sp?) and it’s called aurora tear liner. It’s supposed to go on your eyelashes and look like a tear, to give the effect that you’ve been crying.! lol not sure why I would like to look like I’ve been crying but. for some reason I just wanted to try this out! Will review it another time.

^ i bought the fairydrops mascara for going to the beach/ swimming in! because apparently it’s super waterproof =] and I tried it out, it really is waterproof. Plus it has fibres too like fiberwig and the way the brush is shaped it makes your lashes curl =] I actually really like this mascara.

my first and favourite dinner in HK ^_^ sushi!! and it’s so cheap here too compared to UK


yummy curry fish balls.


I also bought missha bb cream and some eyemakeup remover from skinfood.I really needed this as the Fairydrops mascara was so stubborn it didn’t come off with normal facial cleansers! IMG_4411e

And in HK there really are panda things everywhere you look! I bought these 2 pairs of socks:


Saw a whole shop full of panda stuffs ^^

IMG_4479erandom ducks lol. spot the panda!IMG_4499e

oh and this is my favourite buy so far. it was only 129HKD which is like, £10 !! who needs an expensive designer wallet when you can have a cute panda one with polka dot lining ? =]


and lastly for now, I saw this when I was out shopping! anybody recognise this face?! XD


That’s all for now, will be back soon =]


  1. Wa.. sounds like you are having fun in HK ^_^
    Can't wait for you to try the tear liner LoL I wonder what it'll turn out like ^_^ !

  2. Wow, seems like your having a great time shopping already!
    I didn't know you could even get SPF 130!
    I miss the real chinese HK food, hmm *drools*
    Your purse is too cute! I love it!
    I can't wait to go back to HK in October this year, hopefully!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. Majolica majorca tear liner reminds me a lot to etude house tear drop liner, can't wait for the review ^^

  4. Looks like Kim Hyun Joong...? Lol, not sure, but I took a picture with his posterboard outside of HK's The Face Shop ^///^

    And wow! Sushi is cheaper in Canada than HK :O:O so it's crazy hearing you say it's cheaper than UK.

  5. Awww,love the panda socs and the wallet<3
    Now I really want to visit HK!Have fun in there!

  6. awh I wish I was in Hong Kong :p and wow I didnt know they did 130 SPF! and i love the panda wallet :p

  7. OMG..the Panda wallet. One of my close friends would kill for it. She love's Panda, Turquoise..and Dots.
    ..I'm glad she doesn't read your blog.

    Enjoy your time in HK <3

  8. Jealous! I want to visit Hong Kong. Panda stuff is so cute.

  9. aww my gosh!! all the cuteness you can buy! and the panda wallet is such a steal!! i agree who needs branded when you can have cuteness!

  10. omg sasa love that shop, and so much panda items :D

  11. 130 spf o.O that is the highest i ever saw!

    i'm drooling at your food pictures T__T

  12. ahh i love the panda wallet :) the sushi look so nice too!
    pandaphilia fashion

  13. Glad to hear you made it safely to HK!
    Sound like you're having a lot of fun too ^_^
    Love the purchases and the wallet + socks look so super cute! The food looks amazing! Stop making me so jealous and hungry!! :O

  14. wow the ducks are really cute x)
    and you got a super kawaii wallet ♥

  15. The sushi looks yummm ><

  16. Wow So many Pandas!! Oh I have that panda wallet too!! x

  17. OMG welcome to HK dear
    hope you enjoy my city

    blog more about it !! :D

    Super pretty finds!
    check out my new post if you have time :)

  18. i love this! hehe and i really feel hungry when i saw this post..haha by the way im your new follower, you can visit mine too :)

    thanks pretty girl :) i love your eyes ^_^

  19. curry fish balls~~ i miss them~~ xx


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