Sunday, 3 July 2011

Coral outfit + DIY lace trim undershorts

I bought these shorts at TOPSHOP last week with my striped ones. ( I have so many pairs of shorts but i justify that by wearing them all year around !)
So i really liked this pale red/coral colour. They were super comfy as the material stretches ^^. SAM_2579e
I wanted to put some lace trimming on these shorts because they look really short on me.
But I didn’t want to accidentally ruin a brand new pair of shorts so instead I decided to make lace trim undershorts that I could wear under anything ^^ (similar to the ones in this post but they were too tight and too thick/warm to wear underneath in the HK summer)
So here is my mini tutorial:
photo (22)e
photo (23)e
tip: measure the trimming around your legs first! or else get elasticated lace trimming. my tights were patterned but any tights/stockings will do.
^ they add a little something to plain shorts =]
^ my face looks funny here o.O
It just so happened this stripy top was an exact colour match to my shorts =]. The over knee socks are actually cut off from the original tights so no material was wasted = double DIY ^_^
p.p.s. I am going to Hong Kong in 3 days !
can’t wait =)


  1. please help report

    search FB for heavenly lens shop, heavenly lens shop II and heavenly lens shop V

    Thank u =]

  2. thanks for the tutorial, very inspiring :3 I'm going to lace-up my outfits too ^^

    n reported already =D

  3. such a good idea! the lace undershorts make the shorts look really unique and pretty!

  4. Hi,
    I am you number one fan!

  5. Once again, you amaze me with your creativity! I love everything about this outfit I wish I could steal it all >.>

    Have fun in HK!! Must be super hot there by this time

  6. ooo great diy! love it!
    the shorts love fab on you!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. this is awesome!!! so cute =] great for summer when u dont wanna be suffocated by tights~ :D x

  8. What a cute coral shorts!
    And the tutorial is really simple and fun :)
    I think I'll have a second thoughts about my old tights and stockings haha..
    I've report it at FB! xxx

  9. What a cute idea! That's so smart! I want to try :3

  10. Aww super cute!! Great idea, I always love your DIY posts :) You have nice legs by the way *envies* haha

  11. sooo jealous.. I wanna go to HK too kk
    Anyway I reported the account and messaged the sho as well xD

  12. Oh wow, they look absolutely adorable ^^ you're so crafty! Haha definitely will help with the circle lens reporting. Also, have fun! Have a safe trip to HK :3

  13. Cute DIY, Turned out really well ~ ♥

  14. Great idea,and the shorts look supercute with the lace! Have fun in HK ^w^

  15. Hi hi ~
    I really love what you did to the tights! Great tutorial! I am inspired * o *
    Btw, I just reported the facebook shop !

  16. I love your shorts ♥.
    simple, cute, creative hehehe...
    by the way, I already reported. Have fun in HK

  17. So clever! What a great idea! Never thought of that as I, too, have some shorts that are a wee bit too short for my liking.

    Major envy on your HK trip! Have tons of fun! Eat more and shop more!

  18. that's a really good DIY annie! hope you have heaps of fun in HK! I want to go D:

  19. cute :)
    i love orange fashion stuff :D

  20. Aww these are so cute :3
    I especially love the color of your shorts too!

  21. Ahh.. you're so good at DIY stuff! *envy*

  22. this is genius! thank you for this awesome idea!

  23. I love the shorts! They're the perfect coral colored pair of shorts that I've been trying to look for all summer. I love how you added the lace shorts underneath them too - they look even cuter with the lace peeking out ^^

  24. great idea! i love the lace underneath the coral colored shorts ^^ cute outfit~

  25. ahhhh those are really pretty and cute diy lace shorts! you're so crafty and creative so jealous :)
    pandaphilia fashion

  26. Ohmygosh you are so creative. I love the lace underneath the shorts, so cute. And you DIY came out so neat and stuff :O If I tried to do it, there'd be strings hanging out everywhere T^T

    I adore that coral colour as well! Coloured shorts for summer are the best trend so far :D


    P.S. $25 giveaway to Apothica (an online cosmetics boutique) on my blog!

  27. hahah wtf i was JUST going to do that lace DIY before I even saw this then I thought of ur blog and went on the computer instead cause its always so cute ><
    but i never thought of reusing the rest of the tights, great idea!! ^^
    have FUN in HK!! dont get too burnt ^^

  28. u r so creative!!! Thanks for sharing, I'm so gonna do that too!

  29. cute pants, hi panda girl
    followed you

    gorgeous! Love it so much.

    Thanks for your comment ! I just made a new post, check it out!

  30. woow!! your look is very cute!!!! ^^

  31. I love to diy my old clothes too ^^

    do yo want to follow each other? :)

  32. they turned out great! im wanna try this out now =D

  33. hmmm, will try that. teehee followed you btw, and stay pretty! ^_^


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