Sunday 20 May 2012

Panda swiss roll + recent pics

hello, just an explanation on the panda swiss roll. (not an actual recipe here because it’s easier if you have some knowledge on how to make swiss roll, or else you can find any swiss roll recipe online and adapt accordingly!)photo (59)

yes I made this ! ^^ the panda faces are embedded into the actual ‘cake’ part. not in any way painted on.

basically you need to colour the Swiss roll batter before you cook it. Then draw on the design onto greaseproof paper, cook for 1 minute in the oven using the black first, then the white, then finally filling the whole thing with green (pandan flavour) and then baking it all together. *i.e. you need to cook each colour separately so that they don’t mix*

E.g. my freehand panda drawings- drawn using batter in a piping bag. this pic was after I had cooked the black for 1 min, then added the white batter on top.( so that the colours don’t mix). Then you add the entire green batter on top and cook as normal.

photo (56)

ok so time for some random recent pics!

I put some studs on this denim dress :)

photo (60)

studs from ebay. Dress from HK.

I also tried out StyleSuzi’s trick on getting instant ombré hair. Get some coloured hair spray from a drug store and spray it on XD. Only really good for testing out colours and seeing if this style is what you really want, before you go for the real thing.

photo (54)

nommy fat free frozen yoghurt ^^

photo (58)

fanta grape is so good :)

photo (62)

‘borrowing’ my mother’s mulberry coin purse :)photo (55)

Top I got from Yesstyle with a big collar ^^

photo (53)

And finally I got this shirt from River Island :) I love Dark green.

photo (61)

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  1. that cake looks so cute, and so tasty! :D

  2. Wow that's such a cute idea! Man I wanted some cake now xD
    Btw I love your outfit!!

  3. that cake look so yummy..
    ow luv the clothes u bought..

  4. Frozen yoghurt <3
    The cake is really cute, I only understood what you meant regarding baking the colors first when I saw the pictures, then I thought oh ! That's a really clever idea !
    I've been meaning to buy some studs myself, but I cba for some reason ! That dress does look a lot better with studs though doesn't it?

  5. How did you come up with the idea of making that panda design? I always wanted to design on my cakes/rolls but I only thought of frosting or whatever, but never of this! Way to think out of the box! ♥

  6. Love the panda roll cake :3 thanks for sharing the technique!

  7. That panda cake is insane! Love it!!

  8. cute!

    pls. join my giveaway! ^^


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