Sunday, 9 October 2011

new camera, new phone, new lenses

New camera.
watching my first polaroid picture develop! I was so excited I just grabbed my closest panda and took a ‘selca’ =p
photo (38)
Love it ! Will take more when I go to London again next week!!
3. Long overdue circle lens review ! These are everyday Hana lenses (30 day use) and were sponsored by PinkyParadise. They came with a free piggy lens case and hair velcro =]
p.s. if you use code “epued” you can also get a free mystery gift and animal lens case!
comfort ★★★★★ ! These are super comfortable and I have been wearing them quite often =] They are a good everyday lens and have a nice brown tint and gives a shiny effect.
my everyday makeup.
^natural daylight
^with flash. Overall I just LOVE these lenses. I think they match my hair colour. Too bad that they expire in a month, I really need another set for next month! 
4. I decorated a cake this week! I haven’t done one in a long time. Do you like it?


  1. OMG OMG!.. i'm planning to buy the piano black camera xD !!! is it any good :D ? easy to use and stuff.. ?

  2. So nice of the shop to give you a new one ^__^
    Love the photo's you made! And nom nom nom sea foods :)


  3. the polaroid is <3333 I love your blog <3333

  4. wow, so lucky, i wish for same costumer service in my country too :)
    Lenses looks very good :) and you are right, they fits with your hair very well ^^
    and cuw is super cute ^^ haha really nice ^^

  5. really? I thought that the size was the same.. good to know that the piano black is a bit smaller :). How much did you pay for it..? yeah film is so expensive =.= and you will shoot A LOT at the beginning because its new and fun lol not good for the wallet :p.

    So the only big advantage are the double shot photos? The lighting is better..? or the same, compared to the 7s?

  6. Love the instant photos!! :) I got the Instax mini 25 for my sister for her birthday and we had so much fun with them! :D I LOVE the apple genius bar - I managed to crack my ipod screen once and they replaced it for me, too! :')

  7. omg love ur lenses. so pretty and natural looking!

  8. I recently bought a camera too xD~ and ooh, they're so generous that they replaced your broken iPhone with brand new iPhone!

  9. OMG. I love the present .. haha tempted to ask my bf to get me one from HK now ^^ The replacement film is so much cheaper over there :O

    oh my~ I love the Hana 30 days lenses ^^ They look so natural.. I want to get some now >__<;;

    The apple people ae so kind about your iphone~ Congrats again for getting a free replacement! :D

  10. Nice camera! Love the lenses :0 too bad it only lasts a month.
    Also, you're making me hungry XD

  11. FOOD PORN *_* -faints- SO yummy-looking! ALL OF IT!
    Love the camera you got! : D Almost vintage-y looking.

  12. oh god! now im hungry xD

    your new camera is awesome i love it <3 <3 , & you look so pretty with the lenses n.n

  13. lovely black sleek polaroid, and the cake is really cute ^^

  14. wow that cake looks totally professional!!! u have great skills :O and the polaroid camera is so cool!

  15. OMG Cute cow cake ! I really love that cake and congrats for the polaroid :)

  16. love ur new camera! i want one so badly!

  17. oh, i want your camera (: i was thinking of purchasing before!
    food looks really tasty (: nice blog!

    CMPang x

  18. Cute~!!! I wanted to get that piano black instax too but film is so expensive ;A; very cute pics though! ^^ Those lens look cute on you :3 and I love your hair~~~ so pretty >w<

    xoxo tifuani


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