Monday 11 April 2011

Swap and Easter chocolate Haul + food. .

I had another swap with Rena to swap away the missha BB cream! So I got her package a few days ago =] This is what I got:- she drew me a really cute panda picture on the letter hehe
^ NYX mascaras, and something nicely wrapped up!
More mascara and Revlon liquid eyeliner! I tried it out and it’s really easy to use and really does stay on all day! thank you!!
Also this cute lip gloss from e.l.f. IMG_3304e
but my favourite thing was actually this chewing gum!
^ it smells amazing when you open the seal O.O and when chewing it you get the minty freshness plus a hint of chocolate =) we can’t get this over here in the UK so I was really surprised when I saw it!
Okay so, Easter is coming up and I wasn’t expecting any Easter eggs, I don’t really particularly like chocolate on it’s own very much! But anyway, the BF bought me this giant cupcake shaped chocolate. .
I don’t know how I’m going to start eating this ><
And my friend L*** got me this panda goodie box from Thorntons!!
What’s inside?
buttons, fudge, chocolate raisins, chocolate mouse.
!! Thank you =]
mmm also,I tried Pad Thai for the first time ever yesterday so i had to document it here.=p. I wanted to try it because I watched "We Got Married" and the KhunToria couple eat it and they make it look delicious!!  IMG_3306e
^nom nom nom.
and lastly, This is chocolate flavoured frozen yoghurt i had from Nandos! it was so yummy, and bottomless!!! but I was so full I couldn’t even manage to have one refill...(fail.)


  1. The cupcake and yogurt looks heavenly. I describe myself as a person who prefers chocolate flavoured things over the actual chocolate *weird*

    the KhunToria couple was recommended to me a while back but I haven't got the time to watch anything yet. In a weeks time though, I've gotten start it when I'm done school :D

  2. Aahhh!! Yogurt botomless?! That would be awesome! :0 I wish they sell those unlimited desserts here also >< And you got pretty nice package there! Her drawing's so cute! Haha ~u~ Plus, your bf is soo sweet! Ugh I think I need a bf now, keke~

  3. NOMNOMNOM! The Panda goodie box is so cute! <3 and the cupcake! NOOOM! <3

  4. That Extra bubble gum, I love it too! I am so curious how they can make chocolate flavor in gum? XD I chew it in class when I get too hungry haha.

    That cupcake chocolate is sooo cool, loooks yummy.

    Pad thai is really good, well I like most thai food anyway. Cute post!

  5. omgosh!!! where did ur bf get that cupcake from?!??? looks so so good! :D

  6. girl~ with all the regular dose of panda from your blog is making me like pandas now.. haha..

    so kawaii <3

    ~*~HitomiNeko ~*~
    (=0 . 0 =)

  7. ooh i love gift swapping! you got some cute stuff (: かわいい~

  8. love packages always make me smile! :3 you got so many good stuff from your swap!
    i love the cupcake! it looks so cute & yummy! and i also love yogurt! <3

  9. so cute the cupcake! makes me wanna eat =D

  10. As I scroll down my tummy makes more sound. D8

  11. I like the angry baby panda on the card hee hee!
    OHHH my gawd, mint chocolate gum!!!

  12. the candy shop lip gloss from ELF is really cute I agree!! and love the baby panda too hehe

  13. I agree, the BF is SOOOO SWEET!
    Did i mention, hes like so kind & gentle to you, and he seems smart, and very handsome too!

    You should be so happy you have SUCH A GREAT BF!!


  14. omg, swaps are so much funnn !!!! everything looks so cuteee =D

  15. aaah I got that revlon colorstay liner! it keep smudging >.<

  16. *o* you are making me hungry dear..<3

  17. ani! we need to have a swap sometime soon :) we never got around to that! hehe

  18. Oh lovely food ^^ swaps are fun! Frozen yogurt is so delicious omg! :)

  19. All the food looks so tasty! Especially the Pad Thai! ^^

  20. such yummy food again :D
    thankyou for your comment on my blog hehe, and look at your followers :) almost 1k congrats! :D

  21. How cute is that Thornton's box!

    Oh, I love pad thai. The authentic ones in Thai restaurants are sooo yummy. Your picture makes me want to have one right now! :D


every comment makes me smile ^^