Tuesday 8 July 2014

Aranzi Cafe in Taipei

Another Panda Cafe ticked off my list! This one is in Taipei, Taiwan. This is actually a branch of cafes from the brand Aranzi – originated from Japan, but some how it is all over Taipei and there are many branches, whereas I never noticed it whilst in Tokyo.
Pictures are all you need
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All those pandas! This branch is actually the cafe with the most panda theme, There are other characters by Aranzi as you may notice =]

You can also buy their products whilst you wait
I had the panda latte and the panda cinnamon peaches pancake with ice cream.MMMMM!
There are many branches of this Cafe in Taiwan, you can find them here. Must visit if you’re in Taipei ^_^ I love this place, not only for the panda theme, but the food is also good! They have savoury as well as sweet, I was just too full to eat any more! p.s. Food in Taipei is relatively cheap compared to HK/UK so don’t worry about the price ^^


  1. That cafe looks so cute! I love your blog~

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  3. Wow... This cafe looks good... May I know where is it located? Am hoping to visit it when I'm in Taipei next week... Thanks


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