Saturday, 12 March 2011

Praying for Japan

It’s disasters like these that makes us realise that life is so fragile, treasure every moment and everyone in your life <3
Please Donate to help out <3


  1. I don't believe in God. But I believe in justice and helping one another.. I hope everyone will stick together and help each other out over there <3

  2. I just hope it doesn't get any worse. Japan is my second home so my thoughts are with the people there all the time. I think 나니 is right: solidarity is what they need the most right now!

  3. I'm in agreement with you, disasters like these make your own problems seem so small and how fast everything can shatter into a whole new kind of reality.

  4. I'm seriously worried about my best friend who lives in Japan but we checked on the map and she's far enough inland to not be affected by the water but she will have been affected by the earthquake...everyone has been though. :(

    dara xo

  5. Re:나니 I hope so too =]

    Re:Pomelo It must be heartbreaking for you =[, I hope it doesn't get worse too >.<

    Re:YomiLikesSweets so true and scary at the same time.

    Re: Darad, oh no. dear :( I hope she will be ok! hope you can contact her soon x

  6. That Bible verse that you shared says it all.

    Japan is in my prayers. It is through times like this where we need to continue help one another and keep our faith in God strong.

  7. it is a terrible thing that happened in japan!
    I hope it does not escalate the situation!

    pray for japan!!!!

  8. yeah that's terrible happing ....
    I'm not sure complete fix T_T

  9. this makes me want to cry, i wish japan all the best.

  10. I'm not very religious, but this is a great quote. Hopefully everything will be okay in Japan soon.

  11. I hope Japan can recover from the earth quake quickly.

    New Zealand and China also had recent earthquakes.

    Although not as devastating, I hope both New Zealand and China recovers quickly from their earth quakes quickly as well.


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